What can I do to add that Umph to the Fastball?

Ok I was throwing off the mound and I got my timing down. I was throwing 91 92 easy and at one point I threw one at 94 but after that it was back at 89 90 91. Should I work out forearms or something? My mechanics are almost there!!! What do you suggest?

tuff cuff =)

if you throw that hard, throw strikes and change speeds. guys that throw that hard play for money for a long time if they can throw strikes.

Those are good ups. To get beyond…if possible, I think I’d keep concentrating on mechanics, conditioning and diet. A few more lb’s on your gluts might get you a mph or more. I agree with Dusty, you are right there. From here it’s refinement, peak conditioning and adding some weight perhaps. Learn arm maintenance and be religious about it.