What batters say

Do you guys ever notice that a lot of batters on your own team, after their first time up in the game, they come back to the bench and – unless the opposing pitcher is an absolute flame thrower --they always have this one line to say, giving their impression of what they just saw in the batters box:

“He aint got nothin’”

I hate hearing that. It’s disrespectful to the art and task of pitching. And oftentimes, the guys who say that have just made out.

Many a batter do not respect pitchers. They think that if the guy didn’t blow them away with heat that “he aint got nothing”.

Pure stupidity. And when the guys on your own team are ripping into how crappy they think the other pitcher is, it makes you think, 'hey, do you think I ‘aint got nothin’ too.

I sort of agree with you but on the other hand its motivation. I discovered that you can shut them up with a little chin music and a few K’s.

Last year I was pitching and the whole game the other team was extremly annoying. They were saying the typical stuff–he ain’t got nothing, he throws like a girl and they were talking about my lolipop pitch (changeup) and how it sucked.

But after pitching a complete game win, 9 K’s (3 on the changeup) 5 hits and no walks as well as going 4-4 with 2 2b’s 3 rbi’s and 2 runs scored they weren’t saying anything. I was able to shut the most annoying guy on the other team up with a “move or get drilled in the head” pitch. He looked pretty pissed though after he got back into the box.

I love when I am pitching and the other coach says after the first two innings “move up in the box on this kid” or “stay back longer he is throing slow” because I know I have gottten in their heads and have the mental edge. They use it as an excuse of why they aren’t doing good because the pitcher is too slow.

I was pitching in a game last spring and I heard this exact thing. The team was a very explosive hitting team and my coach put me in to throw them off balance, because I dont throw that hard but can locate the ball. I threw 8 innings (only 88 pitches) and gave up 1 run. We wound up losing the game 2-1, but I felt good about how speed is not everything. I really don’t mind it when they say that because I have heard it over and over, but when my teamates says it can get a little annoying.

Hitting is all about confidence. If you have any doubt whether you can hit a pitcher, chances are real good that you won’t hit him. So when you face a guy, no matter how good he’s throwing, it’s normal to discount how good he is to yourself. However, smart team-player type guys will talk about what the pitcher has, not whether he’s any good. Every pitcher can get you out. Some better or more consistently than others, but you can’t hit safely every time. So discussing what the pitcher is doing right or what his weakness might be goes with the the territory.

And don’t let 'em into your head. That is the greatest failing in pitching IMHO. A thrower becomes a pitcher when he can ignore what the other guys are doing, and just do what he does best…get guys out.

good points, guys

last year I remember this one lefthander who couldnt throw over 65 but completly dominated the game. 2 of our best senior hitters couldnt even touch the kid. Every time they missed or fouled off the pitch they got madder which made them try to swing as hard as they could. The pitcher saw this and got them out infront everytime with a curve or change. They had absolutly no respect for the kid but in the end he won the game for his team

To me coming from a batters point and kinda a team leader its jsut something that comes natural to say to ur team. I mean ur not gonna come back into the dugout saying holy hell this guy can throw the ball . in that case ur just gonna scare the hell out of the kids on the team. BUt if u come back into the dugout saying oh u guys can make contact with this kid or his curveball isnt that much of a break just stay in there its wont hit u and let her rip. iVe personally noticed the difference from game to game saying things like that.

But then from the pitchers stand point like just about everyone else said it can get to ur head a lil bit and u just let one “slip” and they usually quiet down a lil bit

Ive been in the team leader role being the oldest and most vocal on my fall team. whoever said it (sorry i cant remember who) is right… if you come back to the dugout saying how good the pitcher is, how good this and that are, you’re just going to give the edge right to the other team. just tell your teammates any little tips the pitcher might give when throwing a certain pitch and how to react to his off-speed pitches… doesnt hurt to give anyone on your team, including yourself, a confidence boost by saying things like “he aint got much” “he’s got nothin be patient” things of that nature.

I’m of the opinion that trying to gear yourself up to think your oppoent – in this case the other team’s pitcher — sucks is not beneficial.

Thinking a pitcher is good and having confidence against him is not mutually exclusive.

Unless a pitcher really does got nothin’, then telling your teammates such things is misleading. I think it actually makes them think ‘oh, so I better kill him when I get up’ …

saying a pitcher ‘aint got nothing’ is really just a lazy analysis, imo.