What arm slot do I have?


I’m not sure if it’s high 3/4, or 3/4? I recently moved to my toe side of the rubber to try to get the affect of the ball being behind a similar handed batter, is this low enough? Here’s a pic


Your landing leg looks mighty soft and your hip is outside your foot.


Glove is also outside the body. Make sure you understand the effect your starting position on the rubber can have on your posture at release. “Righties on the right, lefties on the left to create angle” isn’t always the best choice if it negatively affects posture.


I can see the effect you are going for. You are probably striding to the right of the target line in order to make your 3/4 release look more like it’s in line with the batter at release and then cutting across the plate right to left. Like they mention, the sacrifice you make is that some of your weight is transferred away from the target line through stride and shoulder turn which will reduce your potential velocity. Both the direction your weight is flowing in as well as the extra effort it takes to maintain balance when you are out of alignment will deduct mph from your fastball.


Thanks. The position hasn’t really affected me, I looked like that before and have been tryin to fix it. I may Try the other side to see if it fixes it then!


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been tryin to fix that; this pic is outdated (my arm slot hasn’t changed). Do you know if my arm slot is low enough to create the affect I’m looking for?


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been trying to fix this, have not completely. The switch in rubber side hasn’t really changed this issue, as I experienced it from my heel side of the rubber. since switching, my control has been nearly perfect, but I don’t accredit this to the rubber; I started looking at my target (my point here is I don’t have control issues from this side). Would you reccomend switching back? Not sure if I’m missing something? Is my arm slot low enough to create the desired affect?