What are your thoughts on weight dips? CEE, NO? PING PONG?

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on doing weighted dips. Last workout I did 5x10 sets of dips(bw), but didn’t feel I wasn’t getting a good enough burn, so I decided to add 25 lb’s to it, and did 10. Anyways, seeing how dips put pressure on the shoulder, would it wise to do dips with say, 50, or 75 lb added. I’m not pitching consistenly, yet, just once a week right now-every friday-leg day.

Also, I didn’t respond well to creatine monohydrate, so I’m trying out CEE from Controlled Labs, it’s called green bulge. Also, I’m trying out Controlled labs Whiteblood. Great pump/great workout-maybe part of the reason why I was able to push myself pretty hard with the dips, and tricep pushdowns.

Anyways, just thought I share that-note, I do not recommend these products if you don’t have a healthy diet. Get your diet down first, then try them out. Right now, I feel as if I’m eating as healthy as I can, and I am gaining weight, it’s hard, but it’s coming! :smiley:

Also-PING PONG is addicting. Any of you guys play that in college, or pro ball, or still do play it? I have a ping pong table in the garage, not enough room to play, but there’s one over at the baseball facility here, so I usually play over there. Anyways, I love it!

My pitching coach put my video on his website, but it’s not opening, so I’m waiting for him to fix that.

Here’s the link, but it won’t open yet… http://www.alaskabaseballacademy.com/page/page/3042540.htm

If you’re strictly a pitcher, I’d say no way on the dips with added weight. Way too much stress coming from a non-pitcher-specific movement. However, body-weight dips are no problem at all. I did it as part of my shoulder-stabilization training.

The key to a body-weight dip – so it benefits a pitcher – is to perform an extra push-up at the top (I call this a pop-up). So the dip is three parts: down, up, pop-up. Down, up, pop-up.

Be slow and deliberate. That pop-up at the end will really add an increased “burn” to the workout.

Let us know when your video is “live.”