What are your thoughts on this?

My son doesn’t start and that is fine. Has pitched in 4 games and in 3 of them has shut the other team down. Last game coaches told him how good he did and he was really coming along. Anyway we got a couple of new kids last week. Started school on Monday, never practiced and coach started them on Tuesday not even knowing if they could play. To me that is wrong when you have boys that have been trying to get playing time, shows them no need to work coach ain’t playing me anyway. Last night before the game a kid that has been ineligible to play finally gets to suit up, in the dugout he takes a kids glasses and the boy grabbed his shirt and told him to give them back. Mr. Ineligible knocked him out and busted his lip so bad he had to go get it stitched up. The coach started him. He is 19 and the boy he hit is 15. The cops showed up to arrest him when he was up to bat in the 3rd inning. Maybe it is just me but I feel like some of these boys that know how and can play the game are getting a pretty raw deal from a coach that is pretty flippin dumb.

Welcome to HS Baseball.

It sucks, but sadly this happens everywhere.

Just tell your son to stay focused keep working hard and be the better man.

A lot can happen over the course of a season and over 4 years of HS.

so playing kids before the probation period of transferring is up or worse to play a 19 year old that just assaulted a 15 year old teammate is not completely wrong??? Maybe my mind works way different than it should.

Just to be clear I never said it wasn’t wrong.

But when the Coach is in control there’s nothing you as a parent, or as a player or as a spectator can do.

It’s the Coaches call and that’s that. Who knows what he’s thinking.

Like I said it sucks but welcome to HS Baseball, a stranger more complex animal then that of Daddy Ball.

I wish I could tell you it gets better as you climb the ladder but it doesn’t.

But also like I said a lot can happen in the course of a season and over 4 years.

Considering that the Police showed up to arrest the 19YO the Coach is going to have some explaining to do to the AD and Principal. If he’s violating transfer rules he’s going to get caught and be reprimanded for that as well. So before you know it he could be out the door. It sounds to me that he’s digging his own grave. Be patient and have your son keep working hard.

Remember HS Baseball isn’t what it used to be for to getting yourself to the next level,be it Drafted into Affiliated Ball or College.