What are your thought on doing Preacher Curls?

Hi, and Happy Holidays to all of you!!! Anyways, I would just like to know your thoughts on performing preacher curls during the off season, and maybe during inseason play. Would any of you recommend it, or feel as if it puts too much pressure on your elbow. I’ve been doing 4-5 sets of them 3 times a week; since, well, that’s how I’ve been seeing results, legs tuesday-thursday-upper body, monday-wed-friday… In other words, is it a safe exercise to do; I haven’t been throwing very much, maybe one-two times every 2 weeks; my baseball season doesn’t start till May, so I train a little different then some would…

And if any of you are wondering, I understand biceps don’t do much for a pitcher, but I do a lot of tricep exercises, and also do about 90-100 chinups a week.

Yeah, I know, according Dick Mills, it’s not a safe exercise to do, but according to some of you coaches, a la Coach Kreber-who has had great success with Weighted ball training-Dick Mills may be wrong…

Alright, well, any help would be appreciated… :slight_smile:

And Enjoy the Holidays!

Preacher curls should be ok for a pitcher to do. They are about last on a list of importance but they shouldn’t hurt a pitcher. I would also suggest you only do a muscle group twice/week.

Chin ups are fine also. Be sure to stretch out your lats because many times they start getting tight and it rolls your shoulders forward.

I know Dick Mills has his theories but I would suggest you listen to a strength and conditioning professional when it comes to this topic and listen to a pitching professional, like Steve, when you are looking for pitching advice.

Hey, thanks for the reply Mike… Haha, don’t worry, I haven’t visited Dick Mills site in a while, that’s why I decided to become a member here. Much more hands on experience, and much more trustworthy! Anyways, in your experience, what would you recommend, monday-friday upperbody, tues-thursday legs; I don’t do the same leg exercises on thursday as I do tuesday, and I have found success doing upper body 3 times a week, but I’m open to any new ideas.