What are your Pregame Pitching Routines?


This is a very interesting topic to me and I would love to hear what you guys do, or have your pitchers do, to prepare before the game. Please share any ideas or what you do to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a start or relief appearance.



I’m a 16 year old rhp.

Full body static stretch about an hour before game which is a full team activity, as well as footwork and agility drills and run 2-3 laps. On days i’m pitching, 30 mins before game will warm up shoulders really well (arm circles are great), then dynamic stretching, long toss with catcher then throw 15-20 pitch pen. I’m not about being by myself before games i pitch. actually i prefer talking with teammates and coaches and my family to calm myself on the brink of a start.


My team has almost a pregame schedule for starters but I’m usually coming out of the pen so I have a lot more freedom. What I usually like to do (if I have the time) is jog around and make sure my legs are good and loose then I work my way into some arm, core, and leg stretches (I would say just stretch out however you like to get yourself completely loose). From there I start throwing with light catch then ease my way into pitching game speed. To keep my arm from getting cold in between long toss before the game with the team and the time I come in to pitch is every so often maybe every inning or every other inning is using j-bands.


I am a hs rhp, I usually come out of the pen. I usually jog a few laps in the pen, then do side slides up and down the pen. Then I do small and large arm circles back and forth and stretch my arms and shoulders. After that I throw 15 or so slow to mid speed fastballs, and 5 of my off-speed and changes. Then I throw harder for all about 10 pitches and am ready to go. If I have more time than I expected I play catch a little and then throw 7 pitches of my choice.