What are your pitching superstitions and/or game day rituals?

Pitchers are weird people. Let’s hear 'em!

I put numbers in my clothing. For example, If I had four pair of sanitary hose, they would be numbered 1-4 as well as for left or right. Heaven forbid I put a left sock on a right foot! We can not have such anarchy. If I had a good outing, I would always wear those exact articles of clothing until my luck turned.

I would get a can of orange Crush from the vending machine at school and put it in my bag before heading to the field or the bus. When we got to the field, I would drink the entire soda during the short walk to the bench and while I put my spikes on. It always relaxed me, even with all the sugar.

During warm-ups I would have my Walkman attached to the back of my belt and I’d throw with my headphones on. If I got in trouble or out of sync on the mound, I would just think of one of those songs I heard before the game and just throw.

Another thing I would sometimes do when stressed on the mound is bring the palm of my glove up to my face, place the ball inside it and, with my eyes closed, I would breathe deeply the smell of leather and dirt. When I opened my eyes, my mind was clear.

I have a playlist I always listen to before the game to get me pumped. I always have to throw the same number of pitchers from the stretch as from the windup in the bullpen, and have to set my glove down the same exact way when I get back to the dugout. When on the mound I have to breathe deeply in then out right before I throw. And when i’m sitting in the dugout between innings during my starts I chew seeds one by one and on my days of rest I just shove a bunch of em in my mouth. No idea why.

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