What are your pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve on the mound is that i can’t get on the rubber till the batter is in the batters box, also one of my pet peeves is if a teammate yells hey settle down when all i’ve thrown was the first pitch of the game/inning. thats all the pet peeves i can think of on the mound wat about you guys?

I hate rain, rain delays, rain soaked fields, a wet red clay mound…stickin all to your cleats, lightning delays…nothin worse than a dug-out full of water and a bunch of 12-13-14-15-16 year olds amped up on drinks and adrenlin :shock: People are scarred for life…I still get a nervous twitch… :crazy:

Instead of wearing a batting glove on my glove hand I wear a wooly glove and if I dont wear it I will pitch badly

i absolutely hate when some of the lacing on my glove comes undone. also, if theres a leaf or something near the mound it nags me to death. or if i look down and see dirt on the rubber.

I aslo hate it when i get out to the mound and there is a big hole where u put ur foot i have to have it with no hole! i also hate it when i want to throw to first for a pick off the first basemen isn’t on the bag.

Ha me too but it hasn’t happened in a while just made me think of it.

Thats not a pet peeve…thats just wierd :worm: Whats it with you Scots and the sheep?..Man talk about perpetuating a stereo-type…you haven’t given it a name or anything yet have you?

A pet peeve is something that abnormally irritates you…not indicates you’re abnormal… :mrgreen:

I just thought of another…crappy umps :shocking:
To me they come in 3 disgusting flavors; “Mr. Wheres the Strike Zone”…known for his calling a strike on a pitch in the oppo batters box, and then when you hit the same spot it’s a ball…Also known as Mr. Inconsistancy
Mr. Dime…he condensed the zone to one conienient spot at the belly button heart of the plate.
Mr. Don’t Know the Stinkin Rules…more coaches have been kicked out of games due to this charactor…he’s also known for several other names that Stevens profanity filter won’t allow mentioning of.

See there Xander…now you can play along too :wink:

i hate it when they tell to me to just throw strikes when i am having a bad day. i mean if i could i would thorw all strikes, but obviously i am having a bad day.

I hate when I get a hard one anywhere on the field.


See now I wasn’t going to say anything…nope not me, I wouldn’t want our friend from Wyoming to get upset at me again…no way, no comments on this quote…not me…I wouldn’t ever say anything like…
oh wow, I just deleted my comments :silent: …Probably for the best 8)
just way too good of smack running for a baseball site…but man!! The temptation… :nosleep:
We’ll just leave that one alone Pustulio…though you might find all posters in agreement about it being a bit more information than we all cared to consider.

… :shock: if i was on your team i would most likely quit if i heard that. i don’t even want to know what you think about out there…


I HATE IT when there is a big hole where you step on the mound, because if you step on the edge of it, where it slopes down, you start throwing wild. I also hate rained out games, especially when I’m all psyched up to start and then it is cancelled.

Talk about mr. Ump that doesnt know the rules, My coach got kicked out of the game (he argued his way back in though) for saying “no way” after someone got tagged out stealing at third that was on our team. He didnt even yell it, he just said, no way, to the runner on first.

Haha I was on deck and we didn’t have our second ump so the one behind the plate called out our guy who stole third but slid too far over it so his hand came off. Well without any disrespect as the kid was coming in I asked not loud at all was your hand off the base and I get a snap back from the umpire “yes his hand came off”. Even getting that call wrong all the way from home there shouldn’t have been a problem if he got it wrong. But I still couldn’t believe he heard me. So my dad after the game who is our coach was like that ump must have had really good hearing becuase I said something about the call to someone else and he snapped back at me and I wasn’t even saying it to him. Haha what a werido.

yea I dont have to worry about the hole in front of the mound cause of all you short guys haha. Im 6’6, just step right over you 5 footers holes…jk.

i hate it when people think the umpire is there problem and they try to show him up… its his strike zone not ours


lol ya there is no cheerleaders on the FIELD!?!!?!? :cry:

You guys are making it tough on me :nosleep: :crazy:
He got all put out with me when I was kidding him about his shiner :wink:
See the resemblance?..now stop…I have just too many one liners that just want to bubble out…

He was just talking about grounders…and it came out wrong…hehe…haha…man :rofl2: