What are your 2015 New Year's resolutions for pitching?


Let’s hear 'em…


My resolution is to not make resolutions. :dizzy:

No, really. If you take something you want to do and make it a resolution, it becomes something you have to do. Then it’s game over.

  1. Don’t argue with the Mrs. when it comes to driving our car.
  2. Don’t sit on my glasses.
  3. Wear my glasses, only if for looks.
  4. I have no idea why I mentioned #3.
  5. Find my morning paper tossed in the most obscure places,
    ask my Mrs… to drive me to our paperboy’s house and toss
    my morning paper at his house - in the most obscure place.
  6. Board up my windows - it’s time for the neighborhood kids
    to start selling candy for the school band.
  7. Post a note on the fridge - “where did I last put my glasses.”
  8. There’s a casino coming to town - hide the bank account and
    actually encourage the Mrs. to shop at Walmart.
  9. Find out where the clerk lives who talked me into winterizing
    my lawn with a weed-n-feed. Burned the daylights out of it.
    After buying a spreader, bags of weed-n-feed and being told
    how to use the stuff — it’s now time to burn his lawn!
  10. Thank the athletic director at a local high school for asking
    me to be the pitching coach for their varsity club. There is a
    reason(s) why they’re 0-a zillion for the last eight seasons.
  11. Read the prescription label on the bottles and don’t assume
    "oh, this looks like it" by a night light at four in the morning.

Other than that - I’m good.


Great list!

#2 has a subsection that encourages us to NOT sit on a certain part of our anatomy–which seems to get more difficult to avoid the older you are. My father in law was famous for sitting down and ringing his bells. I’m not looking forward to experiencing that!

#3 and #11 Why do they make the writing on medicine bottles so small anyway?–don’t they know that we are kind of in a hurry when trying to decipher if what’s contained in the bottle is something we can safely take?

#5 I stopped getting the newspaper when Bill Clinton was elected. Besides, everything in it is at least 5 hours old and therefore “Old” news. Get your local online edition and you can read it from the phone or at home without having to venture out into the cold or the rain or the snow to retrieve your soggy paper. At that point you can’t even use it to line your bird cage. If you run an at-home Ebay business, you can use it for great packing material. You can go to walmart and get some silly putty and transfer your favorite comic strip onto the putty. --The things we did to amaze / amuse ourselves growing up. Where’s my darned slinky?

#7 You openly admit to reading glasses? As an umpire, it’s always advised to get contact lenses. Fortunately, my eyesight has degraded from 20/15 to 20/20 as I’m in my mid-40s. I went in to my eye doctor and he told me my eyesight was “perfect” and I begged to differ.

#10. Here’s to going at least 1 - a zillion this season! Best of luck, Coach!


My pitching resolutions are:

  1. Throw as often as I can with my son and daughter. Fortunately, my son’s a catcher as well as a pitcher. When he wanted his own gear, I thought WIN-WIN situation and got him some. Now, I use it when I catch for him. He’s too fast to catch without gear unless I want to hurt myself.
  2. Don’t catch for my son without at least a cup and a helmet.
  3. Don’t play catch with my daughter without a backstop behind me–just kidding, ‘Tater’ (my personal nickname for my daughter)
  4. Finally break down and buy that pitch return I’ve had my eye on for 2 years.
    5)Continue to post on my baseball-related facebook page that I started this summer. It has become more of a personal notebook than anything else, but I think there is some viable stuff in there.


Oddly, to not pitch. From 60.5’. For my 13 year old son, who is in 7th Grade and just coming out of Little League and its 46’ mound.

I started a thread on this topic last summer after my son’s Little League All Stars, about whether pitching at 13 on the 60.5’ mound was good or bad or indifferent. After consulting doctors, former pro pitchers, former college pitchers, a current MiLB AA Manager, other dads whose kids got injured their first year on the 60.5’ mound, etc., my son and I decided he won’t pitch from 60.5’ this year. Just focus on 1st base and outfield (he’s a lefty) and batting. We’ll do some pitching drills on the side, and some bullpens starting at 50’ feet and gradually moving back, but no pitching from the 60.5’ mound. He will be there next year, when he’s in 8th Grade.

He’s a lefty, throws hard, has good movement (out on RHB), and I just don’t see anything to gain from jumping straight to the 60.5’ mound at 13, especially when he still has next year (8th Grade) before he hits High School. But I see plenty of downside. One friend’s son seriously injured both his elbow and shoulder last season (2014), his first at 60/90, and he’s still in therapy, trying to get ready to play this upcoming season. My son’s best friend, also 13, pitched a little 60/90 this past Fall Ball, and he now has serious elbow problems for the first time in his life.


Unfortunately, my playing days are way behind me. But when I played—for 24 years—my one resolution was to keep getting those batters out, and so I did, crossfire and all (I was one of those exasperating, infuriating creatures called a sidearmer). I have all those good memories, and not the least of them was my wise and wonderful pitching coach who helped me become a better pitcher than I had been. Thank you, Steady Eddie Lopat—especially for that slider. :slight_smile: :smiley: [/wmp]


Pitching resolutions.

#1 pitch more. I don’t play baseball but pitching is just something I’m in love with.

#2 throw something nasty. I had a really nasty session a few days ago. circle change was screwball in, cutter looked like a reverse slider, and curve was sharp and steep. my friend tells me I have potential to be a great breaking ball pitcher if I put some real hard time into it. I just don’t have baseball iq nor the pace. he said velocity won’t matter if I can get into a batters head. anyways I want to master a nasty pitch.

#3 get some video onto the site. I’m scared since I don’t even count as a weekend warrior, but I do want to improve. being scared won’t get me anywhere


Tell me something: who said you’re not going anywhere? Who told you that you don’t have the pace, whatever that is? If you’re the one who convinced yourself of this, shame, shame, SHAME on you! For all that you say you want to master a nasty pitch, you’ve pretty much given up on yourself, you haven’t convinced yourself you can do it, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself!
So maybe you will never be a blazing fireballer who can throw 100 MPH or better. Let me tell you, neither was I. I knew I was never going to be a Feller or Raschi or any of those fireballers—so I went in the other direction and became a very good snake-jazzer, a finesse pitcher with a good arsenal of offspeed and breaking pitches AND the control and command to go with them. My breakthrough came at age 16 when I met the guy who would be my wise and wonderful pitching coach for almost four years—a veteran major-league pitcher named Eddie Lopat who was a consummate snake-jazzer himself and who specialized in consistently and monotonously beating the Cleveland Indians to an unrecognizable pulp. He showed me how to throw a good slider, which became my strikeout pitch for 24 years and which reached 86 MPH, complete with a murderous crossfire (I was a sidearmer); he took me in hand, worked with me and turned me into a very good winning pitcher indeed. So if anyone told you that you couldn’t do any of these things, shame on them.
So go ahead—find a good pitching coach who can teach you a lot of stuff you need to know, and work on that devastating pitch you so desire. And throw that loser mentality into the garbage can! :slight_smile: 8)


Lol thanks Zita. My friend wants to start a city team so maybe I’ll just be come the ace for that team. :lol: As my tennis season is starting to get heated up, I’ll have my fitness revolving around developing lower body, core, and flexibility. I honestly throw about 40 but it’s the nastiest 40 I’ve ever seen! :wink:. I will be a winner this year!


Get for 2 sfb to break, and the 4 sfb to not break as much. And of course the CU to middle low. Middle out would be better.


Career goals aside my resolution is to flat out have fun playing ball with the boys. In high level baseball you can get caught up in the struggle of the workouts and mechanical monotony and forget this is a game that is supposed to be fun. You only get so many times out there on that field before it’s all over so lets have some fun.


Get better so my athletes can get better. Been the message for the last eight years and I have still so far to go.