What are weight training exercises I should do to increase my velocity?


I’m already doing squats and power cleans with a bar and putting weight on it. I challenge myself and use heavy weight. Do you know any other weight training exercises I should do?


standing reverse flies with dumbells ( high rep/ low weight; 6 sets of 8 reps ) do not exceed 10 pounds on each dumbbell… followed by heavy resistance bands …alternate your sets with DB/Band routine for the flies… then follow up your leg routine with box jumps, this will also target your quick-twitch muscle fibers for late explosive movement… use ( high rep/ low weight; 5 sets of 12 reps ) bench press sets followed up by cable shoulder raises for expansion and contraction of the deltoid working along with the pectoralis major muscle which will allow for a quicker transfer… take a medicine ball ( approx. 8-10 pounds ), get in a squat position with your arms extended down between the legs holding the med-ball firmly with both hands, thrust your legs up into a standing position while swinging the med-ball clockwise then counter-clockwise as you stand with an explosive swing; this allows the core to expand and contract… if you are doing any throwing drills focus on taking an extra step a few inches just before your stride foot hits the ground followed by a quick release after foot strike; this will allow for max acceleration after the progression of the stride toward your target, creating a top-off effect of the backside to front-side weight transfer of the legs… I hope this helps…