What are the chances?

Hey guys, just got a quick question. This year I am trying out for the gateway grizzlies, a team part of the frontier league of the Midwest. If this tryout fails I will be attending another one for a different team, river city rascals a week later. So the question is, is there a good chance I will get picked up by a major league team while playing for this team? (The team is a professional team, just independent). Or should I wait and just go to the mlb tryouts that are posted throughout the summer? (My goal is to play major league baseball)

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Well, since you asked the question in an open forum, in my opinion, the chances are very small.

They are very small even for the best of the group because typically all these players have been exposed to college and professional scouting to the point where a solid understanding of their ability is already known.

Usually a player knows where they stand when they enter the independent leagues. Every once in a great while, one of major league caliber is overlooked and finds his path to MLB through an Indy league.

The vast majority of them just want to continue playing the game and were good enough to sign an independent pro contract. And they live from paycheck to paycheck. Life and all that goes with it usually forces them to enter the workplace so they can raise their standard of living. Now this is something I would expect everyone in this position realizes before they go to a tryout.

Scouting is so widespread nowadays that very few unknowns show up at an open tryout and impress anybody. No matter what the level. Bob Feller’s don’t just walk off the farm anymore.

But hey, I salute your aspirations. You could be the next Mario Rivera…after all I’ve never seen you throw! Good luck.

What Dino said is very true.

Even If you go and don’t hear anything look at it as a way to gauge where you are talent wise versus guys who are fresh outta college or guys who have been released.

I can only remember 3 guys recently who have went from indy league’s to MLB, one of which was already drafted and had spent time in the show before being released.

Here’s a probability
chart, its a little dated and doesn’t include NAIA, JUCO, International free agents and Canadians who are drafted out of HS.

This chart is purely in regards to the MLB draft. So the other 90% of College Seniors and all the athlete’s I listed above are the percentage that you are competing against to try and get into either affiliated ball or indy ball.

Just some numbers to look over.

The probability chart is interesting, but that is just an aggregate.

Quite obviously - the players getting contracts are the better ones.

What is your stuff/situation like?

Like it! Especially the column “S” Word. Very funny.

I’ll also be going to some tryouts this summer. Both the indy tryouts and scouting bureau ones.


If you’re set on the frontier league you should hit this up
more teams and more exposure

Hey Billy I play in the frontier league with Joliet, send me a pm and I can get you more information.

Go for it, play because you love the game. If no1 ever went after their dreams there would be no astronauts, sports players, actors, or anything else in the world. Shoot for the stars man.

But play the game and enjoy your experience, a lot of the time people are so dead set on their goal they forget to enjoy the journey!