What are the best teaching methods for hitting and pitching

How is this guy still on here?

Second time for this poster. Seems like time for a ban.

I kinda wish the admin would leave the pathetic narrative that appears before the shameless link to the advertisement. His/her/its lack of baseball knowledge is usually entertaining. I mean really? Purchasing a pitching machine for a guy being scouted by minor league teams. :rofl2:

Robot tricks :shock: …some poor schmoe is sitting in a boiler room…calling himself Geraldine…well because his name somehow translates to that…and also strangely…“My Goat, My Lover…” but thats another story for another day :stuck_out_tongue:
Geraldine doesn’t really “know” the english language…so to speak…it’s just that they NEED that daggone $5 a month so they don’t have to eat “Don Juan” their rat terrier. Now go buy their counterfit junk…cheap…so they won’t have to sell cousin Hortense yet again.

Spam is bad enough. Put it in the Youth forum? No way it’s staying. :nono: