What are the advantages to having a smaller glove?

I field with a 13 inch :shock: and was wondering what the advantages are to having a smaller glove other than the obvious mobility issue.

none :shock:

Really it just depends, I play the infield when I don’t pitch so I like to use a smaller glove so I can reach in and find the ball really fast as compared to a big glove.

Dang, a 13 inch? You don’t play infield with that do you? Hands is everything on the infield, most prefer a smaller glove to get the ball out easier. It’s just a smaller extension of their hand with some padding.

:lol: Yeah, I’m a shortstop… fielding % of .988 last year and never had any problems getting the ball out of my glove so I never really thought about getting a smaller one.

thats a big infielders glove. I use a 11.5" and I play shortstop, second or third.

you mentioned mobility and it also allows you to get rid of the ball quicker, those are about all I know of

I have 11.5. Quick hands is what it’s all about in the middle infield.

so you can get the bal out of your glove quicker.