What are some ways to throw a sinker?

By sinker, I do not mean a two seam fastball I mean the fastball that spins foward and gets primarily drop. I’ve heard that you pronate your arm, although I’m not sure I am doing it properly. Thanks

if you’re a right-hand thrower then turn laces of the ball horizontally( where it looks like a Upper-case letter “C” ) then place the pointer finger on the curvature of the lace or the spine of the letter “C” with the middle finger pressed against the pointer finger. Upon release of the ball turn your pointer/middle fingers toward the body at the last second just before release, this will create the tight, counter-clockwise spin that will allow the ball to produce a pressure of air on top greater than the air passing underneath the ball which in-turn creates a sinking action. Turn the thumb toward the hip just AFTER release. Opposite for lefty.

Thanks!! I’ll try it!

Yes thank you for this, I too will try it.