What are some ways to relax?

Today was my first day of tryouts, and I didn’t do so well with feilding and hitting. I think it was due to thinking too much, not relaxing, and not having fun. What are some ways I can fix this problem? Because if I can, then I think I can be alot better.

Focus on one thing during each part of the tryouts / practice. For example, when you are hitting, think only of finding the ball, seeing the ball, and envision the ball hitting the sweet spot on your bat. When fielding, get your eyes on the ball, count the number of hops it takes as it is coming to you, or try to see the spin of the stitches. When pitching, pick out a smaller target than simply the catcher’s mitt — try a spot on his mitt — and think only of hitting that tiny spot. Whenever other thoughts come into your head, start breathing through your nostrils and into your belly, hold it a second, then exhale slowly through your nose. Think about the breath going through your nose and down into your stomach, then think again about your one focus point (the ball, the target, etc.).

Also, whenever you start feeling nervous, remember why you are out on the field. Remember that you love the game and you enjoy playing it. Think about the millions of people who can’t be where you are at that moment, for whatever reason (too old, too young, too sick, handicapped, etc.). Remember that the worst thing that can happen is you don’t make the team — which may seem awful but in the grand scope of things isn’t so terrible. For example, there are people who can’t walk, people who have lost their limbs or their eyesight — so your situation could be worse.

Replace bad thoughts with good thoughts. For example, instead of worrying about missing a ground ball, think about how much you enjoy fielding grounders. See yourself getting in a good, low position, with your hands out in front of your body, fielding the ball. Visualize the ball going into your mitt, your other hand snapping down on top of it, feel the laces turning in your fingers, then throwing a perfect chest-high strike to the first baseman.

Visualization is a good way to mentally prepare yourself … the more you see yourself doing something successfully, the more comfortable you will feel when you actually do it.

Joe gave you a lot of great things to work on. Visualization is talked about now and is very important. Being nervous is normal but once on on the field aim to make everyone take notice because you all the little thing better than them, feel good about yourself and let any mistake fade away.There was when the radio forced kids to daydream even during class. tonight put yourself to sleeo dreaming about everything you will do in the next practice because you love it and are having fun.

listening to music