What are some of your Pre-game rituals?

I listen to music and try to stay loose.

I have some friends that eat the same foods, listen to the same song, wear the same underwear, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

What do you guys do before a start?

nothing really cuz my team doesnt have a starting rotation, well my JV anyway he just says hey your pitching, after we get done warming up.

I just stay as relaxed as possible and try not to fool around, which is hard for me :cry: especially on the bus to away games ;|.

I have a teammate who counts to 5000 as a ritual :? imo, pretty dumb. :lol:

I’m really supersticous (spelling)

I did this once before a game and struck out everybody but 1 batter

1.Took about a 1 1/2 hour nap or just lay on my bed to collect my thoughts, dozing off every once in a while :wink:

  1. Have some Mac n’ Cheese before i get my uniform on(one of my favorite Twins pitchers all time did this, Brad Radke)

  2. I listen to my I pod on my way to games, my list of songs is in the off topic dugout thread at the index. (pre game pump up music)

  3. Stretch and warm up by myself if i can, i talk to myself sometimes :lol: . I also stretch and warm up with my catcher sometimes, always play catch w/him before game on then off mound.

5.Game time

watch Mr.3000 on my Ipod,take BP, roll grounders to infield,Fungo bat to Outfielders, run 3 laps around the field,throw 30 warm-up pitches (10 FB,10 CH,10 CB)

Home Games:

  1. Run, Stretch, Play some long toss

  2. Relax for a bit

  3. When the opposing team or my team takes infield (whichever is first) I get my warm-up tosses in.

  4. Try to leave myself some time to relax and just size up everyone on the opposing team.

Also, I am always singing songs in my head to just zone everything out and be focused.

Away Games:

  1. Listen to music on the bus ride there

  2. Run, Stretch, throw

  3. Warm-up Tosses

  4. Game Time.

On away games I have to speed up everything because we have a lot less time to get ready since we arrive kinda late usually.

I wear the same clothes every time. Under Armor Metal (sadly that has been discontinued), slider shorts, underwear, long pants, long socks, hat.

I do my typical dynamic warm up then sit around and talk for ten minutes or stare at the sky or something then a few minutes before it is time to pitch I go throw again.

  1. Listen to music while stretching by myself if i can…
  2. get in 10 minutes of long toss…
  3. Relax
  4. Game time baby!!!