What are some good summer sleepaway pitching camps?

as the title states… HELP ME OUT!!! PROVIDE A WEBSITE!!!


Haven’t gone but know of a few pitchers and coaches who attend every year. I also have his DVD’s.

Good luck!

Here’s three options, although each may be better-suited for those of you 14 or 15 and older.

  1. Personal instruction with Coach Bill Thurston, Amherst (Mass.) College (By invitation only, must contact him first at Amherst)

  2. International Performance Institute, Bradenton, Fla.

  3. IMG Baseball Academy

Some of these links may be dead but here is a bunch for you.

the IMG baseball academy is a great camp. i went there a few years ago and had a great time and learned a lot. the facilities are nice and not only do they work with you on baseball but also teach you how to condition for baseball.

thanks… any more guys???