What are some exercises to improve bat speed and power?

I know this is a pitching forum but hitting is also a very important skill that pitchers need to have. I want to improve my bat speed and power so I can hit the ball harder and drive it farther. Does anyone have some exercises I can use at the gym with or without weights I can do to make the muscles used for hitting stronger?

try weighted bats. just use a roll of tape on the end of an old bat and swing with that. Maybe try going to the gym too… I heard that’s good for muscles.

I think @Steven_Ellis has a workout program specifically designed to address your strength issue…

This may not apply to you, but a lot of people don’t realize they could grip the bat a bit harder. Also maybe put a video of your swing so we can see what you need to improve for mechanics and then what you need to strengthen, legs, biceps, triceps,hips, etc.