What are some drils I could do to help my mechanics?

What are some drills I could do t help better my pitching mechanics? I can throw strike but they are slow high and inside.

It sounds like more of a control issue. You say you can throw strikes but they’re always slow, up and in, and that’s what batters love to go after—slow pitches that hang. Let me tell you about something I used to do when I was a little snip and continued to do well into my playing days, which may help.
I would get a catcher, and we would go to a playing field that wasn’t being used at the time, and I would take the mound while he set up behind the plate with his mitt. We would play a little game we called “ball and strike”; he would position his mitt in various spots, high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head!, and I would concentrate on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt—actually throw through it, not just at it. I would do this with all my pitches, such as they were (I threw a curve which came attached to my natural sidearm delivery, a knuckle-curve and a palm ball), and a bit later I would use the crossfire which I had picked up. Different speeds. It was a terrific workout and a lot of fun, and every time I would add a new pitch to my repertoire I would do this.
And my wise and wonderful pitching coach—he was an active major-league pitcher—told me, “Move the ball around—high, low, inside, outside, change speeds, and stay away from the middle of the plate.” He knew whereof he spoke. I can’t think of a better way to sharpen up control than what I was doing. From time to time he would check me out on this, and because I really wanted to know and was willing to work at it he had no reservations about teaching me some very advanced stuff he felt I needed to know.
One thing you might want to check on is your release point—if you release the ball too late your pitches will be high. :slight_smile:


Any motor skill drill that promotes pronation of your forearm while driving and finishing are very benefitial. Here is one of the best ones where you use an appropriatly sized football to learn ball axis presentation on all pronated pitches where you throw it end over end with the different types of pitch grips.

This first one is with a youth pitcher learning 4 different pitches, 2 that break to the glove arm side of home plate and 2 that break to the ball arm side of home plate.

This second one is with a professional pitcher. Notice the football is larger.

This third one enhances the feel of driving and releasing the pronated Curveball with a square bucket lid.