What are high protein foods?

I eat tons of chicken, and I’ll have 2-3 Carnation Instant Bfasts per week, but I need more protein.

Can someone list some foods high in protein? I’m not looking for expensive shakes until i’m between seasons.

Steak, lean beef, milk, cottage cheese, tuna, chicken…

If you need more protein, you can get 5lbs of protein for about 25-30$ (24 grams of protein per scoop). If you’re lactose intolerant though, it’ll cost more, I have a problem with wpc, so I use wpi, which is more expensive.

I drink about 1/2 gallon-80 oz of milk a day, that’s about 64-80 grams of protein right there.

Just for you people that are uninitiated, I’ll translate some of the stuff that lbarber is talking about:
wpc= whey protein concentrate
wpi= whey protein isolate

I would add peanut butter to the list of high protein foods. Natural peanut butter is better for you than the processed stuff (skippy, jiff, etc.). The only thing to watch for with peanut butter is the fat content- a bit high.

I would agree on the shakes. They arent very expensive and it makes getting your daily amount of protein much easier.

im pretty sure you already know this, and u probably do it, but remember to have the same amount of protein equal to your body weight. (150 lbs=150 grams of protein)

I have also seen many places that you should take as many grams of protein as you weigh in pounds. However, most nutritionist will suggest a lower amount than this.

Yeah, I’d like to get 130gms of protein/day, but I need help with foods to give me this. :frowning:

Chicken breast 50g
3 Egg Whites 9g
Can of Tuna 43g
5 oz. Salmon 34g
Medium Steak 48g
Turkey Burger 17g

Shouldn’t be too hard to come up with 130g. It gets really hard when you try to get 1.5x your body weight. For me that is like 280g :smiley:

Yogurt is a nice high-protein / lowfat snack. Most nuts are good, though they’ll have higher fat content. Beans — white beans, kidney beans, pintos, refried beans, soybeans, etc. — are also an excellent high-protein / lowfat source. Make sure you have a teaspoon of Beano, though, lest you’ll lose some friends :smiley:

A good thing to do is start reading the ingredients and nutritrional content on EVERYTHING you eat. Be aware of exactly what is going into your body. After a week or so of studying the nutritional values of the foods you eat, you should get a good handle of what you should include in (and exclude from) your diet.

ok yeah chicken breast, 50 grams of protein? how much chicken are you talkin about? Each chicken breast has like 20 grams of protein. But anyway, also remember to NOT have more than 35 grams of protein a serving because your body will not be able to handle it and you will go to the bathroom really quick, if u know what i mean :lol: Now if u have a tough workout and you have alot of protein after, lets say 50 grams, your muscles will only absorb like half of it and the rest will just go to your liver. Taking protein is hard, and I still struggle with it, along with many other people.

Amount Per 1 medium breast (yield after cooking, bone and skin removed)
Calories 281.44
Calories from Fat 54.8
% Daily Value *

Total Fat 6.09g 9%

Saturated Fat 1.72g  9%  

Polyunsaturated Fat 1.31g     

Monounsaturated Fat 2.12g     

Cholesterol 144.98mg 48%

Sodium 681.53mg 28%

Potassium 436.77mg 12%

Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%

Dietary Fiber 0g  0%  

Protein 52.91g 106%

I checked each food out before I posted it. And you will not have to go to the bathroom really quick. If anything, you will have trouble going to the bathroom. Protein-dense foods are low in fiber (check above, no fiber). Fiber is the thing that will make foods “go right through you.” And most nutritions will say that each person is different on the amount of protein that your body can handle at once. Your body will use what it can and the excess passes through the body as waste. However, there are many people that consume 2 g of protein per lb bodyweight (football players, bodybuilders, elite athletes). Taking protein is easy, it is just hard to balance protein with fats and carbs.