What are good pitches for a 13 year old

im 13 and if u scroll down u will c wat i throw, i do have big hands…
any suggestions?

I don’t see that you need much more than a 4 seam FB, 2 seam FB and a solid change up you can throw for strikes. What I have seen is 12-14 yr olds working really hard on more pitches vs location. How is your location, can you hit at least inside and outside or is that still a bit of a challange? If you can hit all 4 spots, inside, outside, up and down then add another pitch, maybe the cutter or a knuckle curve.

I can hit my spots consistantly… I will try an upload a vid of myself soon

just need 2 work on speed

What do you think your fastball tops out at right now? Next question would be how tall are you and weight too.?

last time my fastball was clocked it was at 53mph although i think it should b faster now

i am 5’6 and a half and weigh 116 pounds

u can read my pitching log if u want to know what im doing

well you got some good pitches already and if you can hit your sports like you said and mastered those pitches then your ready for another. i throw the pitches like you. 4 seam and 2 seam. a palmball and a knuckle curve develping. i think you should throw a 12-6 curve or knuckle curve. same movement. but the 12-6 is a deep break and bigger break. knuckle curve i sharper and smaller and. either that or a cutter. the way id suggest would be a slider grip. but throw it like a fastball. no roll of wrist or fingers.

great pitch would also be a splitter.

i will try that

by the way one thing i forget to mention. the knuckle curve is a change up. but a great one. the batter will think its one but it will drop and then go back to th dugout.

love throwing it 1-2 coutn…

if you want to know how to throw it just pm me

Nothing wrong with 53 on the fastball, make it your goal to start the summer season at 57-60, that is very doable. What about your change, if your fastball is 53 it should be 43 or less, is that where you are at. The only thing you should use a radar gun is for that, finding out if you are taking enough off of the fastball and not to equate your speed to someone else.

I will tell u in Sunday as I have a game then

Good deal, I look forward to hearing from you then.

probly not going 2 win the games as its a city team but have 2 go into the game wth a positive attitude

now not sure about getting clocked as the radar guy shows up at random,
i did email my coach asking if he has one

MAke sure your coach knows you only care about it from the stand point of what you are taking off the changeup.

Also if you are on the mound, throwing strikes then your team has a chance to win…reguardless of the outcome, play hard and be the best you can be and wins will follow you, find other things to win during those hard games, get the 4 spot hitter out, pick a kid off at 1st or where ever. Bean the kid that just wont get off your plate, good story for later on and I promise that kid will remember you and give you more of the plate. You don’t always have to win on the scoreboard to be a winner.

well my fb was clocked at 54 3 times today
i dont know what my change was at

we had a double header… turned out the opponents were people coming into peewee this year or next.

my back was killing me plus i had just been shown a new mechanincs which i used. when i warmed up i did really good and kept my concentration (sorry 4 bragging) but then during the game i just couldnt do.alot of it is my fault bcause during the year i was kind of forced to strike out most batters because felding wasnt very good any i had no confidencde in them :frowning:
my changeup kept slipping out of my hand and going behing the batter
i ended up with

1 or 2 BB
a few WP

i was dissaponted

my batting was good 1st game 4-4 2 1B 2 2B
2nd game 1-3 with a double