What age

did you realize that you were going to be a pitcher? Not a infielder or outfielder?

In 7th grade - when the Middle School coach told me I was going to pitch and wasn’t going to hit or play in the field during school ball.

This hasn’t changed much for school ball although during the freshman year I was allowed to play some third and outfield - but I only worked out at these positions because I didn’t want to stand around in practice. I still expect to only pitch when I get to varsity.

I would love to play a position and bat but I understand why coaches don’t want to risk there pitchers playing other positions. It always seems like when a pitcher plays a position - they are always getting dinged up and don’t pitch their best. We had a lefty that pitched for us - who was allowed to hit for the first time during a summer game. He got beaned on the elbow and had to miss about two weeks of playing. He never batted again during the summer.

This is a problem which we’ve been seeing in the major leagues since the advent of the designated hitter!
In the American League the pitchers don’t bat. In the National League, which does not use the DH, the pitchers have to hit (and there are a few very good ones who really know what a bat is for, like CC Sabathia and Carlos Zambrano). As a result, during interleague play and the World Series the American League pitchers are at a distinct disadvantage because they have to hit and the great majority of them have no idea what to do up there at the plate—they can’t even bunt! Conversely, the National League pitchers in these situations—playing in American League ballparks—are frustrated as all get-out because they have to sit on the bench while a designated hitter goes to bat in their stead.
I remember the old days, before the advent of the DH, when the American League pitchers had to hit, and the woods were full of good hitting pitchers. Red Ruffing…Spud Chandler…Joe Page…Hal Newhouser…Tommy Byrne…Bob Lemon…Early Wynn…I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Some of them were real power hitters and were often used as pinch-hitters because of their power. Now I ask you, what do you expect to do when you get up into the higher echelons? Will you be on a team where they use the DH, or will you be expected to hit? In any case, it might be a good idea to at least learn how to lay down a good sacrifice bunt to move the runner up. :slight_smile: