What age should you add a weight program

At what age is it safe to have young boys start doing weight lifting work?

If its safe for 11 year olds, what type of program is safe for them follow?

Any information would be appreciated.

I would say an 11 year old could do body weight exercises and light dumbells but not a whole lot more.

It mostly depends on where they’re at in puberty. For one I’ve heard different high weight workouts can be damaging to the growing bones/ligaments/and growth plates. (I think something grows quicker than ligaments or something of that nature allowing from straining/tearing easily)
The other big thing is you will not see true muscle development the majority of eleven year olds. The reason being that they have little or no testosterone, which is the male hormone allowing muscle development.

So in my opinion pushups, pullups, crunchs, lunges, and this of that nature are just great, especially combined with sprints and plyo’s.

I’ll assume your a coach/father and want to let you know: Be careful on pushing your kid to do stuff, if they have a good work ethic then you’ll be fine, but if there lazy your gonna have to take it a step at a time, you don’t want to discourage your kid while there still in Little League.

Good luck, hope all goes well

Strength training can be done at an early age. A program for an 11 year old is different than a program for a 20 year old. Many people wory about the stress on the joints and ligaments but kids playing tag in the back yard are putting more stress on their joints and ligaments than a reasonable strength training program.

I’m currently working on a program for kids 11 and under that I hope will be done in the next two weeks. Feel free to email if you have questions.