What a novel idea!

Here in Western Massachusetts we’re into our winter that never ends. Snow seems to be the uniform of the day, along with more snow, and in the forecast… what else … snow.

I woke up this morning, cruised into the kitchen for a cup of Joe, looked out the kitchen window into my backyard and saw… it’s freak’n snowing! What a novel idea!

Out here in the desert we’ve been above normal with highs in the low 80’s. I sure feel for you with all that snow. But not too much. :wink:

What a swell guy…

The :snowflake: is taller than a :car: and halfway up the front :door: We have had the snowiest 30day period in Boston’s history.

Don’t worry, I won’t emoticon all my posts to death in the future. I’m just playing with the feature.

Same here in Wellesley. Approaching 6 feet. Here’s my 2-year-old daughter in the backyard a few days ago (before the latest storm that added another two feet) trying to figure out WHY the heck we live in the northeast.

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AHHHH … the ole pitching coach’s rest home.