What a day!

Fathers day that is…What could be better than watching your favorite pitcher beat the dookie out of your favorite team…who traded him… :wink: twice.
Well D. Lee just tripled so there Maddux…uh oh Barrett just doubled behind him…9-2…man he’s still got the most wicked sinker…and his straight change is just sick…look out it’s 5 and 2/3’s and Greg is lookin like he’s got a little gas gone from the tank…oops 3rd out 9-3 looks like Maddux is 6-3 on the year unless San Diego’s pretty good pen can’t hold em. Not bad for a 41 year old who had folks saying he was wore out when he left the Braves…they look real smart now don’t they, I think any team in the majors would jump at a starter having a 6-3 record prior to the All-Star break…Wonder what all them Yankee fans would feel about having a 6-3 starter right now?
To all you dads out there Happy Fathers day, if you’re reading this site I’m sure you not only work for a living but have a whole other job bringing up a pitcher. 8)