Wet Balls

I was pitching a tight game today. The score is 3-3 in the bottom of the last part of the game. Like I said, im pitching. The batter bunts snd it rolls to me. I pick it up, then realize that the ball is sopping wet. I ignore that and thow the ball to first the ball slips out and tips the top of the fiest bsaemans glove. it folls to the fence. The runner on third scores and the orther team wins. How can i prevent that in the future?

That’s baseball for you. There is really no way to prevent it, just do your best and forget the rest. BTW I’ve done the same thing so don’t sweat it.

E-E-E-E-E-EW-W-W-W-W! Now you have an idea of what major league pitchers are up against when they’re trying to pitch in the rain! They go through one ball after another, and the umpire has no choice but to stop the game while everybody waits for the rain to let up. :roll:

It;s only the most recent time that you got robbed, not the last time.

Practice picking the ball up with a 4 seam grip. If you can grip the ball with the seams when it’s wet you will have a much better chance of controlling the throw.

I know what it’s like to try and pitck up a bunt with a 4 seam grip, add that its wet and all sorts of trouble starts, how often do you work on your bunt defense? It’s probably one of those things you need more work on period.