Wet Artificial mounds - turfs

Because you don’t really know which works best till you’ve tried it. I’m hoping I can get some help choosing a turf or molded cleat that has the best wet traction for a Pitcher (specifically). Son has run into turf mounds (not the portable ones) but actual turf mound on turf fields, and his NB turf shoes were slipping on his plant foot when the turf got wet. Enough to bother him.

Anyone have experience on wet turf mounds with shoes that work? He asked molded spikes, but I would think those would be worse, any ideas?

His turfs have the triangular nubies across the entire sole.

Any experienced help appreciated.

My son wears the Nike Huarache Elite 2 molded cleats on turf mounds and they work great when the turf is wet. I see a lot of position players wearing the New Balance COMPV2 molded cleats on wet turf as well.

What you want is a very tall, angular and sharp plastic cleat like the Nike above or a pointy cleat like the COMPV2 as they will dig into the fibers. The regular New Balance molded cleats like the 3000 series and the 4040 series have a more rounds cleat profile and are not as good at digging into the fibers when wet.

Turf shoes suck on wet turf unless they have a very aggressive lug and I still wouldn’t pitch in them on a wet turf mound if a good molded cleat is available.

Thanks for the info, we both definitely prefer Nike over NB for fit and feel. I own the haurache high tops in metal and really like them. The Elite 2 is no longer made and hard to find… The elite 3 has entirely different cleat profile but still tall and narrow for what looks like good bite. You helped confirm what I should be looking for, so thanks again.