West Virginia Baseball

all you people that think west virginia has no good baseball is freaking wrong, the good players here compare with everywhere else to so fuck off

i know i got a little bit mad but it is the truth, i swear we might have some good pro prospects here in WV, one kid hit eight homers in three games in the state championships. you cant tell me thats not good.

Pennsylvania is the same way. A lot of kids get screwed out of going to a good college for baseball because they play in the north. I have seen many good kids with div 1 talent that have had to settle on playing in div2 or even 3.

That could be a result of bad pitching. jk

You guys have it good out there, be thankful you even have HS ball, out here in Wyoming we are lucky to get more than 12 people on a team for Legion ball and there are no Wyoming colleges with anymore than a club sport for baseball. Get this, no HS baseball but we have HS, Rodeo, Boxing and UFC/Cage fighting.

Next time you feel like you’re getting screwed think about these athletes out here in Wyoming with virtually no chance at higher level baseball.

i’m extremely lucky. i live in north fl and the competition and level of play is realy high.

Did someone say something to tick you off? I guess I am confused on the point of this thread.


I know where you are coming from but you really should just get right to the point and quit beating around the bush… :shock:

Really though, before you get to playin that banjo in that deep holler and singin, “In the pines, in the pines where the sun dudn’t shines…and we shiver when da colddddd wind blows.”

You got to admit a few things…the weather in California, Florida and Texas is much more suitable to developing players. They get to play way more games than the guys from the north and the warmth sure helps keep their arms loose and flexible. Plus, the numbers of talented players in one spot tend to be larger so a scout or recruiter tends to get more bang for the buck in the south. Think about it, you hunt deer where there are a bunch of them congregated. For me, its the swampy areas bordered by corn fields.

Having said that, if you are good enough, you can be seen in West Virginia by both colleges and scouts. And you can get a scholarship or even sign a contract for $1,000 bucks and go sweat it out in Florida or Arizona in the extended spring training or rookie league.

I know there is good baseball in both West Virginia and Pennsylvania but finding talented players per square mile is harder up here than in say Florida. So why walk in five miles to shoot a buck when you can practically shoot one from your truck.

I thought being from West Virginia you’d understand that analogy.

BTW my kid usually plays in a Legion Tournament in Elkins West Virginia during the summer. There have been some talented players every year.

^ Even if you go to Utah there are a lot of good players in one area. Spanish Fork High School and Springville High School have people being drafted almost every year.