Well well, time for a new post:)

Hey all. I havent posted since a long time and since pitch training is starting soon again i was wondering about this. I think i fixed my posture problems. atleast quiet abit. anyways, since i had sum ankle injuries, didnt break it once tho, but had quiet some problems with it tho( sh*tload of injuries when i used to skateboard, misstep on the stairs( i wuz drunk:P dunt blame me).

That misstep was the worst one, didnt break it like i said, but the ankle band( right word?) was pretty messed up. walked on crutches for a month or so, use an ankle bandage for next half a year. my ankle is weak, always have been. now what i wonder was, since I fixed my mechanics quiet abit I still put my left foot open when i plant it. would an ankle bandage help this abit, because i think it might help to get it more straight instead of "just fly open whereever it wants to?

for the good news, our new field is looking great! we finally have a pitching mound ^^ and I mean an actuall mound:P not like the last one.
I’ll try to get a new video asap. but my camera decided to not even go on anymore.

about my arm injury. its all good, altho i noticed when I do a warm up, when i spread my arms out, my elbow feels quiet bigger than my left arm. i never noticed it. is it just the muscles?

(sorry for my bad english :))

Glad to hear that things are getting better for you, hope to catch you in the chat room again!

“(sorry for my bad english )”

For a Latin guy living in Holland, workin on English you do ok.
Glad to have you rattle the cage Rod.

haha, Not latin here :wink: It’s just a nickname, because alot of people think im from like spain, or portugal.

last practice went really good! No arm trouble whatsoever. tho we were throwing with softies, my coach gave me a normal baseball, said to throw for five minutes to get used to it again. anyways he came back later with the trainer(that guy is new, trained couple of national class teams) meh, he said, blast one
I did, the new trainer like ooh shit ^^. my coach did think i lost weight. kinda hurt me tho, cuz i gained sum and since im 1,90meter and only 63kilo’s ( go google for converter) its not so great to hear…

After a good talk with both my coach and trainer, they gonna work out a program for me to gain some more velocity etc :slight_smile: Really looking forward to upcoming season!!

Ill keep you guys informed