Well this weekend we have westerns

And basically our team is outmanned, to the core. British Columbia basically picks an all star team from all over the province, we picked up no one, and we werent very good in the first place. What are some strategy’s to use with my pitches basically coming up against the best team i’ve seen.
I have a 4 seam, 2 seam, curve(i sort of have the difference between the one i throw for a strike and my strikeout one) CCH, nad a splitter.
My 4 seam breaks down and away from a lefty, my two seam is a bit more of a cutter, just due to arm angle and grip. So down and in on a righty. I basically use hte splitter as a change up too. How should I try to work the pitches in on them?

Keep them off balance, see how far you can get the zone extended outside (4 seam and 2 seam), work there, set them up and then bring it in with the 2 seam, start inside third and finish just in, if they crowd the plate work the change in (They’ll cripple the third base coach :smiley: ) and then work outside with your fastball, do this consistently and then whip out your curve (Wait til once through the order if you can)…it’ll freeze them, specially if you’ve been working in and out. Biggest thing is don’t be predictable, if you can throw the curve for a strike, don’t hesitate to whip it out first pitch. Remember these guys are all good hitters so they’ll look for an 0-2 curve, or wait you out on a count in their favor so it’s important to attack them, you may also find them susceptable to the climbing 4 seamer as they get anxious and start losing. The big thing is to have a plan…then adjust as the game develops.

I can’t remember where I got this but it’s interesting stuff. It speaks to the importance of the first pitch and the first batter of an inning.

  1. Throw first pitch strikes
    Only 15% of batters swing at the first pitch
    Those who do make contact hit 185 on average
  2. Keep leadoff batter in each inning "off the pads"
    65% of leadoff batters who get on base score
    Only 20% of the base runners that follow score
  3. Throw strikes 75% of the time
    Batters who fall behind in the count have batting averages under 200

Well listen to these guys first of all. Then you need to always make sure you’re changing pace, like if you get 0-2 or 1-2 with fastballs bring a change. Don’t be afraid to go changeup then changeup followed by a fastball it works pretty good just don’t do it every time, like said before, don’t get predictable, maybe even throw somebody all fastballs and when there are 2 strikes he might be thinking changeup, you just need to mix everything up.

The biggest problem for me to work in the change is that some days my fastball pops more than usual, I’m inconsistant with speed. Good days if I get it past people, the changeup usually isn’t enough of a change of speed, and it gets rocked.
Sometimes I wish I had another pitch, with a different break to get htem off gaurd.

Be smart, if you throw fastballs to a hitter and he’s late on every single on don’t throw him an offspeed pitch and speed up his bat. On 0-2 don’t give the hitter a pitch to hit.

I have taken that into consideration. I think I’m going to go back to throwing a sidearm once in a while, to change up the arm angle, basically i just throw the curve and its more of a slider from there, not even a slurve, And I may just do that to get the righty’s swinging on one going way outside.