Well,this is good bye

Well I had my psychiatrist session today and we talked over many things. He
says I have the early stages of depression and am at a high risk of suicide :frowning:
so he says to make me feel better about myself I should tell my friends (I consider you all my friends) a little about my personal life. Well this is something I’ve never told anyone except my family. When I was 11 I had a drinking problem because my grandma’s house burned down. And recently like in April my other grandma passed away from 4 strokes I resorted to all kinds of drugs (cocaine,weed). Well about a week ago I decided to stop and clean up my life. After stopping these drugs I became depressed (as seen now). So I will stop posting here for awhile (at least try) to clean up my life and go to rehab and more psychiatrist sessions. So this is to all. Good Bye I will miss you all. If you have any question feel free to ask I’m not ashamed of my mistakes, I regret them but hey its just a rough patch in my life.

Get better, God Bless, we will be here.

Good Luck Kaz.

Kaz u get alot of crap from alot of people on this site, and most of it you dont deserve :wink: . ill just say we all think of you as family and it will never change. good luck my friend and we will all anxiously await your full recovery.

Thank You for your support. I just couldn’t resist thanking you guys. Your all considered family to me. :cry: :cry: :cry: Bye

I’m sorry to hear about your problems, and I’ve known people who have had to go through the same problems you have, and I know how hoard it can be. I wish the best and hope you will be able to come back happier and healthy. I wish you hte best in life and ball, no matter whatever, whoever leaves you, the sport of baseball will always be there for you. You had a lot of good posts with some great info.


Sometimes we get in a place where things around seem to be falling down and we can’t see beyond them. But have faith. This is just a rough patch as you say. You’ll get beyond it. And we’ll all be here waiting.

Don’t hesitate to come back and post. Come back and post any time. It doesn’t have to be about baseball. And feel free to shoot me a PM.

Good luck!

Hey man KAZ, were all brothers here and sisters (ZITA) :wink: but God will be with u and ull be prayed for man. Good Luck with everything. See you at the next level bro.

See you later Kaz, I hope you get feeling better. I could tell that your depression was really getting to ya. Now go get yourself a bag of happiness that will turn that frown upside down. Then run out and go get another one. I do sell bags of happiness for $5 a bag.

hey i dont post on here that much and may not know u that well and i respect all athletes and all that want to rehab and get better … So get well and get back here and see us :-))

i will pray for you kaz, i hope everything turns out good for you in the end god bless.


One of advantages of this site, is anonymity – a safe distance for those
who want it and proximity of sharing advice, questions and experiences for those who ask for a little more.

In addition, there is an age and life span composition contributing to this
web site that can be very healthy in many ways. For instance, you’d be hard pressed to find the maturity and deep compassion that JD and ROGER have for addressing ANY subject that a youngster or adult has here concerning the sport and the humanity side of growing up playing ball and a lot of things that orbit it.

Also, there are people that you’ve never met, — but they… and I, are here for you. Whether you just want to chat, talk about the night sky… anything. PM us if you’d like… you’ll find a receptive group ready to listen and respond.

And one of the biggest reasons why……. WE’RE BASEBALL PEOPLE.

We’re a little different than most, we share a view on the world around us
a bit different and we respect one another… and our views, opinions and
just plain ole “what’s going on.”

Don’t loose us…. We’ve never lost you … never.

Coach Baker
Springfield, Massachusetts

Kaz, we will miss you. Good luck with your recovery.

Good Luck my friend

Hey Kaz good luck with your recovery. One of the things I took away from that opening to the Olympics was the philosophy of the Chinese with their Tai-Chi, and that is that often a dramatic move in one direction begins with a subtle movement in the opposite. Things are always going to be the worst right before they begin to get better. It might sound sappy and stupid, but right now there isn’t a better rolemodel out there for you than Josh Hamilton. Just remember that there are many people out there pulling for you, so never give up.

Good luck with your recovery kaz our thoughts and prayers are with you.

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you can rehab your way to ‘being’ better.