Well, S**t happens - My road to recovery

since everyone else seems to be doing one of these pitching logs … Here goes.

First a little about me :
-left handed pitcher

  • 5’ 10" … (i do say 6ft sometimes but what evs)
    185 lbs
    just finished my sophomore year at Lynn University
  • 19 years and 347 days young

4 seam / 2 seam fb - 86 - 88 mph
cutter - 82 - 84 mph
change - 70 - 74 mph
curve - (velo dont really matter and to be honest i dont even know what it is)
eephus - 37 mph … no not really

now with all that garbage out of the way … heres the situation

I have a SLAP tear (superior labrum anterior to post terrier). I am going in for surgery on tuesday, june 14. I’m not looking forward to it or the 9 months of not being on a mound but its life and like the title says … s**t happens and you just gotta deal with it.

so im making this to just keep updating as i go along with the whole rehab over the next year or so of my life but i would love for some input from some of you kind people on this forum.

I would also like to make a few recommendations -

#1. Those of you looking for a college for baseball … dont go to lynn university. Yeah we won the national championship 3 years ago but that place is going down hill and coaching isnt all that great … well i wouldnt even call it coaching. I mean i honestly dont like talking trash about anyone but i just dont recommend that place.

#2. Try the new mint chocolate chip klondike bars. I shoves 2 down my throat as i wrote this.

#3. reply to my pitching log … i enjoy peoples input …

Thanks for reading everybody

what would you do for a kondlike bar?

well, today was the big day. Went under the knife today at 730:am … its not the easiest thing typing with one hand but then again im gunna be sitting in the same spot all dat getting fat. But anyway from what i know i got 6 anchors put in, and the doctor said the tear wasnt as bad as the MRI looked so might be able to get back on a mound in 6 months instead of 9, but since im most likely not playing this year there is no need to rush back so i gotta see how i feel when the time comes to start throwing. As of right now sitting here on the couch. the oxycodone is doing work on my arm as i only feel a slight pinch and not much more. it also does make me feel like a zombie and im extremely tired so im gunna go catch some Z’s

aright so its 1am i cant sleep … probably cause ive slept all day… but anyway, just dont tear your labrum. Its a terrible experience. Ive just about had it with this sling after four days. The surgery wasn’t painful or anything, just these past few days have been really annoying. I still dont have a clue to where im going to college this coming semester or if i’ll be playing ball. But one thing i do know is its only going to go uphill from here … Happy face

can you at least do something to stay in shape like stationary bike or something? I stress fractured my lower back and it screwed me out of all my recruiting (I’m at UT now), but I still stayed as active as possible, got off pain killers in a week - for a while I could hardly walk but still went off them- and pushed myself as far as I could go and that the physical therapist would let me

Twinsfan you play at UT? you guys swept us the past two years ive been at Lynn haha. i was actually going to go there but Lynn offered me more so i went there instead … what a mistake that was …

Soo anyway … i havnt been on here in a while … but yeah ive been doing things to keep in somewhat shape. I got back on my conditioning program 2 weeks ago and am running just fine with no pain. I have pretty much all range of motion in the shoulder back i just cant make any quick movements without discomfort. I still cant pick up a baseball til october and im already itchin to get back on the mound and hopefully will be able to throw pain free.

I am, however going to UMass Lowell next year, but i still dont know if i will be playing because of the shoulder, but im really looking forward to a new beginning at a new school.

I kind of had the same problem as you. I was supposed to play at a D2 or D3 school, stress fractured a vertebrae, missed junior and some of senior year, tried out for UT having only been on a mound for 4 months, threw 4 mph too slow, 2 months later threw what they wanted, proceeded to have shoulder stiffness that kept me out 3 months, and finally am back on the grind. so its been a struggle. the goal is JV for them this year, but I’ll take what I can get.

UMASS-Lowell is a D3? I know someone that transferred from UT to there last semester

nahh UMass lowell is D2 … recovery on the shoulders going pretty good so i should definitely be ready for season … but good luck twinsfan … i hope everything works out for you with tampa … its a damn good program

thanks dude! I’m hopin so as well. good luck to you too for this upcoming season and keep us all posted with your progress

How’s everything with the arm? I go to Barry University and had a SLAP tear, surgery was done about a year ago. Last fall I was having problems again and I’m not really sure what to do now, I recently got cut from the team here since I’m unable to play. I’m from up north and will probably transfer somewhere up there next year but I need to fix these shoulder issues before I can do that.

Get your shoulder looked at again

I went through the same thing I had a SLAP lesion II and healed up fine and then found out a few years later that I had to have a second surgery on my shoulder this time for decompression and to remove scar tissue along with some bursitis and to clean up my rotator cuff.

You never know what’s going on till you get looked at.

I have gotten it looked at, by the school trainer, school doctor, and a doctor back home. School doctor said it was rotator cuff tendonitis and gave me anti-inflammatories to take for a couple weeks. It was still bugging me, my doctor back home gave me a cortisone shot. I threw today and it felt pretty good, so hopefully it’ll stay this way and I get back to 100%. But i’ll also be getting an MRI in the next few weeks just to make sure I don’t need anything else done.