Well here we go. Mechanics & My Analysis of my self



Alright this is my 1st video post, but I really enjoy reading others Analysis of pitchers. So here is a quick one on myself and how I see it.
In the videos I’m throwing about 80 to 90%

Background: College ball for 3 years. Never pitched before college. College coach Dave Haverstick, which in my opinion on of the best out there. Check him out here. (http://catamountsports.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/haverstick_david00.html
Have had some elbow problems in the past.
Pitches 1. Fastball 2. Slider 3. Curve 4. Change

1st off the good. Being positive is always the way to your potential. Ok. I really get my hip leaning toward home plate to help gain momentum(frame 60). My Head stays pretty level though out my motion which is Y I think I have good control. My front side or glove side arm is good and holds nicely. Thats something I worked on alot with Coach Have. I think I also stay pretty closed for the most part. Coach Have is a big advocate of TEMPO and having fast tempo, and from my leg lift at its hight to foot landing is around 18 frames which I believe is about right on.

Aight now the not so good or as I like to say the avarege Mechanics.
The part that stands out the most and the part I’ve been trying to correct is my collapsing front knee. I just read the post by Front Leg Freak “single most important part of pitching” and agree with alot of it. I don’t think mine is bad but it does need work. I dont like frames 75-78 and how my PAS foot flys off the rubber. 2nd When I break my hands I’m already pre-pronated (meaning my palm is facing the ground and then as it moves back starts to face 1st base). I would rather it be facing towards 3rd as it comes back.

Now the most important my arm action. Since I have had elbow problems, mainly with the ucl, I would have to say I need to change my arm action’s timing and position or at leaste I feel like I need to. It looks like to me that my PAS elbow is fairly equal with my shoulder as in frame 72. I know that it being lower is good, so is equal bad? So I guess this is where I need some help. How is my arm action? And any other parts that you believe need help.

Thank you all in advance for your advice,

PS 1st post so if the videos dont show up here are the links

Great video clips. A couple of things I noticed. It looks like you’re landing closed and possibly creating a balance problem. Also, I personally prefer a shoulder tilt. See the excellent response to the “Backwards shoulder dip/tilt then becoming linear…” thread by xv84.

Honestly, I think you look real good here.

what kind of velocity are you throwing? With your momentum you should be in good shape.

O’Leary unequivacally doesn’t like the elbow as high as you get it above the shoulders. Maybe there is something to that, I don’t know.

But from a House standpoint it looks like you’re doing everything they advocate over there like initiating hip movement forward and having a straight drag line.

kidbravo : Thanks alot. I never really realized backwards shoulder dip. Sweet tip. I will give it a try soon and feel it out.

joearnz: When I was playing with out injury I was 87 - 89 with 90 every once and awhile. Ya I just did a bunch of readin on O’Leary’s stuff and I see that I might need to take my elbow down just a bit. Seems like a tough task, and will take time to change. I know Glaven is about the only one he likes that has a High PSA elbow. I’ve skimmed though Tom House’s book and I do like a lot of what he has to say. Thanks joearnz

There is nothing wrong with your elbow height. Watch the front video and step through it. If a line were drawn through your shoulders, the elbow doesn’t go above that line. It’s fine. Remember, O’Leary’s comments are his “opinions” and are not shared by most people.

I think you have some excellent things going on here. I really am impressed by how you do not go to the dreaded “balance point”. You get your hips moving sideways early and start momentum generation well. Nice job.

I don’t understand your comment about your pitching side foot flying off the rubber. Looks great to me. Your momentum and forward trunk flexion are the cause of the foot coming up, very late (which is good).

I’m more concerned about the extreme bend in you arm as you pass through the high zone. You bring the ball in close to your head. You could try to loosen up a bit on that as you lift the back of your hand up toward the high zone. Now, that doesn’t mean to straighten it out on the way back. Just ease up on the bend a bit.

The other thing I agree with is something you said about “collapsing” of the front knee. I think your problem here is not on the front side but the back side. Have you been taught to pull the back knee forward to assist with hip rotation? What seems to be happening here is that the momentum you generated can’t get you up and onto that front foot because the back leg gave up. My suggestion is to continue to think about moving the centre of gravity toward the target as you have been but, with respect to a mental cue for the back side, think of spinning the entire leg on it’s own longitudinal axis, along with good hip rotation. Watch Kevin Brown in this video.

Really study his back leg action. It works with hip rotation. Then watch your videos and compare the motions of the back leg. Watch more videos from this site and you’ll see how common this motion is. You won’t see very many high level pros pulling the back knee in like you do and as has been such a common bit of teaching forever. The problem about that teaching is that it isn’t happening in the best.

The last thing might be, and I don’t want to belabor this one, to keep your upper body back just a touch during your stride. You’re very upright. This isn’t a strong recommendation, although Dusty Delso likes a tilt in the shoulders a lot. Just a bit back would be good.

Anyway, you have some very nice mechanics there, with some small tweaks to be made. Congratulations to you and your coach.

Quick post before I have to head to a DH. Just incase this wasn’t mentioned, I noticed that you’re landing on the heel of your foot. Make sure and keep it on the ball if not the flat of your foot otherwise your foot will end up flying open as will your hips which will cause a loss of torque which gives you that extra edge on the fastball and staying alligned. Momentum is a great thing in velocity, but you have to make sure that momentum gets the extra push it needs from your hips :slight_smile:

if you’re throwing upper 80s, getting people out and throwing strikes, stay with what you got. the only thing that concerns me is you say you’re having some pain when you throw. i would start with an aggressive jobe style shoulder and core strengthening program if you’re not on one.

the other is if you want to take some pressure off your shoulder and arm you can throw with a bigger tilt to see if it helps. it’s not for everybody but if you look at video clips of many hall of famers that threw for a long time, they use a tilt in their shoulders to throw. check the video clips of koufax and nolan ryan to see what i mean. your motion looks more like mark prior who stays verticle with his trunk instead of getting tilt (or the power “v” or “<” with their body as threy move to foot plant.

something to think about.

dm59: thanks for you great response!! I never really thought about my back leg being the problem so I will give that a try. I also see what your saying about how close my arm comes to my head. I’ve had micro tears in my UCL so I hope that possibly moving my arm away from the head will help, but thats goin to be a very challenging task to complete, considering I’ve played ss and 2nb my hole life. I tryed a slight tilt of my shoulders back this week for the 1st time and I think it will keep my upper body back a bit like you have said above. Feels pretty comfortable so I think I will work on this.

Leonheart21: Not sure exactly what you mean. Are you saying I’m flying my hips open early? I might be wrong in assuming this but I thought most Major Leaguers land with there heal 1st?

dusty delso: Thanks! I am doing a core strength with arm band work, along with wall work, which is why I haven’t had many problems since I got injured. I’ve gotten alot of responses about the tilt so I’m defiantly goin to give that a shot. Thanks

Well, like Dusty said, if you’re throwing in the 80s and you don’t have any problems, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you can land on the ball or flat of your foot even, it might keep your motion a little more closed so that way flying out will never be a problem. Try it in the bullpen perhaps and if it doesn’t feel very comfortable, don’t use it in the game. If you lose velocity, don’t do it at all. But no one’s going to change their mechanics completely over night. So if it doesn’t feel comfortable but you’re still pitching as fast or even faster, keep with it and practice with it until you’re comfortable enough to throw, landing on the ball of the foot. And I believe that there are some MLB pitchers who land on their heel, but look at Clemens. He lands on the flat of his foot and he’s been very successful.