Last week I convinced my father to play catch with me. Now, I’ve been working all year to increase my stamina and velocity. I belive I have actually achieved a fastball over 85 mph (I need to get a radar gun to check). Anyways, that’s not the important part of this little story. The important part is that inorder for me to reach 85 mph I had to throw often. So I bought a rather big net and a bucket of balls and went on my way. Well long story short, after months of throwing (I’ve started working on throwing in November and continued up until now) I’ve developed soreness in my elbow. With that soreness, I can only limit myself to 35 throws a day, or until I start to fell discomfort in my elbow.

The strange thing about this is that this soreness only occurs during my sessions with myself and the net. I usually start out light, and by the end of my workout I really get the ball going (or at least I think I do). When I throw to my Dad, I don’t fell any soreness. Sure I’m throwing a little lighter, but I also feel some ache when I throw by myself.

Why is that?

I’ve done this twice, so it may be a fluke. It’s kinda weird, but my arm feels more free when I throw to a person and not the net. I also notice that I’m more accurate when I throw to my father as well. And if I really wanted I could zip on right to his chest without any arm ache. But I don’t wanna hurt the old man :wink: . Does anyone else get this as well?