Weird tightness in elbow

So basically going back to last season, on the circled region(s) I get a weird tightness after semi-full force throwing. For example, yesterday after a flat ground and I remember this being a thing last year, this tightness would stick around for 1- 2 days after an outing. It never hurt and I’ve continued throwing on it and it’s fine to throw with after a good dynamic warm up and the blood flowing, it’s gone for the next few hours. I’m also a big believer in poles after pitching, 15-20 minutes icing after, and a solid run for time, not distance the next day and normally after the blood’s flowing its gone until my next outing, not just throwing. I just thought I would see if anybody can tell me what exactly this may be. I don’t think it’s tommy john related, maybe tendonitis from google. It’s not really a problem and I don’t have any pain while throwing so as long as it stays like that or isn’t anything that can become serious I plan to live with it.

{edit: also when straight out like in the photo, but in the air and in front or straight out to the side you feel tightness fully stretching the arm out but not straight down

Your large circle is in the area of the pronators/flexors. Your small circle is closer to the UCL. Stop all throwing. See an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine.

It’s not on the side though, I thought ucl was directly on the inner side, it’s inner 1/3 on the top though

With your arm in that position …

THAys a great model I saw that, so is inner but on top still my ucl and yes in that posistion

I’m not saying it is your UCL. Or not your UCL. Or the pronators/flexors. Or not the pronators/flexors. I’m saying based on the circles you drew and the position of your arm, you need to have it checked out by an orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine.