Weird situational question

here it is.

what if someone was pitching a perfect game in the big leagues on his first start and would break his foot with 2 out in the 9th, could he legally keep pitching from his knees?

i know that is never going to happen but the scenario popped out in my head and i was wondering.

This is indeed a weird situation and one that is not likely to happen. If a pitcher sustains any kind of injury to either foot, whether it be the pivot foot or the landing foot, you can be sure he’ll be taken out of the game forthwith because he’ll be in so much pain and discomfort he won’t be able to concentrate. In that case, the relief pitcher who comes into the game will be allowed as much time as he needs to get ready to get that last out. 8)

Weird??? LOL…no question you ask on this forum is weird…

I guess in that situation, you would ask the pitching if he could go? Might be able to do it with one weak pitch and complete the game.