Weightlifting, working the chest and arms

I was wondering if anyone new if it was ok to participate in exercises such as bench press and different types of curls and tricep pull downs or dips. I hate when my body feels out of shape and I would like to weight lift, I was planning on lifting the upper body light and legs heavy, but i would be doing alot of repetions for the upper body exercises.(I will be stretching everyday to) Do you think this will hurt my velocity. Should I pick a day to throw a bullpen around weight lifting? Would a protein shake taken daily hurt as well? I also wanted to know if anyone found success with jump roping…thanks chelly123

Our varsity coach likes kids to back away from the weights as the season starts. IMO you have the proper approach, diversity, flexability and comprehensive. Do you need to build muscle mass? Protein is for that, make sure you check with your; parents, doctor or coach before you just start slappin it on.
Never stop throwing (long toss, bull pen, drill or just plain catch)and as for jump-rope, is it good for legs, abs, back, flexability and stamina? Perhaps you can answer.
Shouldn’t look like Arnold unless your name is Farnsworth who is really the only ripped pitcher that I have in memory…perhaps Mike Hampton.
Good Luck

try not to do any bench press type stuff, dont do workouts away from your body, do them going into your body, does that make sense

yea I understand the exercises comming towards the body…and no I dont need to gain any more mass, Im about 6’2 but you know how those physicals go, its always impossible to get a correct height measurement and I weigh about 200 pounds but that fluctuates around 205 and 195. Its not fat but Im not ripped either so my problem is whenever I start lifting I start putting on alot of mass so I was hoping if I did low weight with a lot of reps on the upper body and heavy on the bottom half I wouldnt have to worry to much. yea and farnsworth is a beast lol bobby jenx looks pretty big to but im not sure if thats fat, both throw high 90s so i guess it doesnt hurt them.

I worked out with Kyle Farnsworth a couple of times in Spring Training when he and I were in the Cubs organization. He threw around some serious weight. I may have caught him both times on a leg days, but all that guy did were leg presses and walking lunges forward and backward (with dumbbells in each hand). He also was a big protein shake guy. I think he was taking EAS, and then switched to AdvoCare’s POS line of supplements (Advocare.com) when the company became a sponsor for the Cubs.

Working out won’t hurt velocity or your pitching if you’re working opposing muscle groups. Try to work in some scapular stabilization (shoulder blade and upper back) to balance out your chest presses.

Steve do u have an example of Kyles workout? Im one of those pitchers who lifts alot of weight and wanted to see wut he does.

You’ll find most of the same exercises in my forthcoming TUFFCUFF manual. Most of the Cubs pitchers performed the same – or very similiar – routines. Of course not everyone looked like Kyle. But not everyone had the same work ethic in the weight room as he did either.

He was a “gym hound” – and I mean that in a good way. He worked hard, payed very close attention to his diet, and was blessed with good genetics.

Interestingly enough, the fastball came much later in his development. Out of high school, when he was drafted by the Cubs, he was a mid-80s mph guy. Tall and skinny. The 97-plus stuff only started happening when he got to high-A and double-AA.

His former teammates, some of whom were my coaches in pro ball, credit his velocity to his physically filling out as he got older, his increased strength (he’s really flexible, too, by the way) and his pitching mechanics.

Thanks Steve, i’ll make sure to look at that TUFFCUFF manual. I was just wondering cause everyone tells me that pushing around alot of weight isnt gonna help me. Of course i also incorporate high reps in my routine as well.

Its good to hear some incitefull information, that really makes me more confident about what I’m doing with my workouts, its good to hear from somebody whos been there before