Weightlifting Problem

Okay so today was like my first time ever in a weight room. I don’t really lift weights like that. On a Consistent basis.

I got on the bench press and couldn’t do a solid 175 with good form, I couldn’t even lift it. I had a hard time lifting with a 45lbs. plate on each side.

Squats I can do well, but i don’t know how much I can do because, like i said I’ve never really lifted weights like that.

Now is this a problem? That I cant lift 175 and I weigh 260.

But we did some other core stuff and Shoulder work. and I came home tired.

Most of the people I have worked with make a big jump in weight after they have been lifting for a couple of months. Do you consider yourself pretty strong? I know when I first started lifting weights, I was the same as you. I could barely lift 135 but after a month or two of constantly lifting, I was at 225 on the bench. It was just my endurance and technique that was off. Once the endurance caught up with the strength and my technique was correct I gained around 100 pounds on my bench in 3 months. I also think genetics plays a huge part as well. Most of my family tree were manual labor workers (farmers) and that strength that they received from the day to day grind was transfered to me through genetics. If your family members are pretty strong and you keep working at it, you may be throwing up some serious weight in no time.

Yeah I consider myself strong, I used to be a monster at DL in football, without bench pressing much.

My family does come from a farming and construction background and all that.

Yeah, well now that I’m going to be on a weight lifting program specialized for baseball, I’ll keep working.

But one question, does bench pressing benefit you for baseball much?
If so, were in your game does it benefit you in.

I’ve heard many different answers from different people.

Think it helps a good bit. I did them because I like for my programs to have as many compund exercises as possible. I feel this really helps the body work together outside of the weight room. I am a firm believe in the body is only as strong as its weakest link, so every muscle needs to be strong to get that energy from the ground to your arm. You also have to keep you body in balance. A pitcher has to have strong upper back muscles so you also have to have a strong chest to balance it out.

its normal, your muscles aren’t strong enough to do it, and plus, once you workout on a consistanly, your muscles will remember how heavy that is, and you will be able to bench that. You just have to start from a lower weight, then add weight every week. Its a slow process

Remember to stress both halves of the lift especially the negative. Concentrated range of motion is what you are looking for. I was 6’2" 175 when I stepped into the weight room for the first time guess what I put up on bench? 105

I dont know why you are feeling bad about a bench press… Truthfully I dont know why you are bench pressing. I have not benched once in my life and have worked all on core and legs… Maybe its just me but I wouldnt even be doing that. I bet i couldnt put up 100 lb’s if i went into a weight room right now, but I can still throw a ball over 90 mph.

Are you serious.
Then what exercises did you do to help with your upper body?

I do absolutely no upper body lifting… All i do is bands for my shoulder. I used to just stick with all cardio, leg stuff, and some core. I say used to cause I havent actually worked out for almost 2 years… i dont really know how i still maintain my velocity… I guess it just shows that you dont have to be in good shape to throw hard.

Wow, that is amazing.
I thought you had to work out all components of the body, to not risk injury.
In your time of throwing 90 mph did you ever get an injury?

[quote=“JR.Navarro34”]Wow, that is amazing.
I thought you had to work out all components of the body, to not risk injury.
In your time of throwing 90 mph did you ever get an injury?[/quote]

I think he’s recovering from one now…

(his blog)

One thing most people forget is that weight training doesnt just make your muscles strong. It makes you tendons and ligaments stronger and tougher as well. The muscles get bigger and stronger alot faster than the ligs and tendons do, but if you stay with weight training you will def. be better off. I am not saying you will not get hurt because you can, especially if you lift wrong but lifting will def. do more good than harm if you do it right.

Yea I am just comming back from shoulder tendinitis… But it would be hard to say if that was from being out of shape or pitching about 5 days a week… Either way, in college i will definitely be working out with the team and everything if i make it, so hopefully all goes well.

I personally believe alot stronger in tone, rather than strength… I think if you can go off and run 10 miles that you will be much better off than the guy who can bench 250 without any trouble. I think everyone should be doing something to tone your shoulder muscles, like bands or dumbells like I said before… But I dont see how any heavy lifting can help throw a 5 oz ball. You need to strengthen the fast twitch muscles in your body, and not the slow twitch. If you strengthen the slow twitch, you will just end up slowing down… And all heavy lifting is for slow twitch… So idk. Every person is different, and everyone has their own way to get to where they want to go… Thats just mine : p. I do agree tho that doing nothing is not a good idea… I really should be running or something to be keeping in shape.

You have that backwards. Slow twitch fibers are trained in an aerobic fashion. Exercises like running long distance, biking for hours, and lifting 12-20 reps work slow twitch fibers. Heavy Lifting, on the other hand, is strictly anaerobic, which means it doesnt use oxygen and uses the complete opposite muscle fiber which is fast twitch muscle. When you lift heavy, you do move slow but explosive and you have to do very low reps. Plyometrics also use fast twitch fiber. That is why you need to lift and add plyos to your workout. Very, very helpful.

So you mean lifting like a football player is good?
I thought it was bad?

No, you should not lift like a football player unless you play football. Strength training ( lifting 6,5,4,3,2 reps a set) has it’s place in every lifting program but should not be the main lifting done. Most experts agree that you need to build your strength and then turn it into power using plyos or other programs. You build strength and muscle early in the off season and then you start lifting for baseball as the season nears. The idea is to turn that strength that you gain early into baseball specific power before the season starts. My point was that fast twitch fiber, which you need because baseball is an explosive sport, is built by weight training, plyos, or any explosive movement really. Running long distance is very overrated in baseball and should be used for recovery, not a primary source of conditioning. Pitchers would be way better off to do sprints and agilities than long distance. Most programs believe that long distance should be done once or twice a week, depending on if you pitch.

But you don’t want to be too strong and big and stocky right?
Then you’ll loose velocity right?

Maybe, maybe not. I dont know if there is such a thing as being too strong. The thing is that you dont want to be tight. Most people believe that being big and stocky means that you are tight and cant move. Sometimes that is the case and sometimes it isnt. If you have ever seen a pro baseball player, you will realize that they are monsters. You would not believe how big some of those guys are. But some people are big and stocky and are great pitchers. Look at Broxton for LA. He is big like that and is a professional pitcher, so that def. means that he is a great pitcher because anyone that is in the big leagues has talent like you wouldnt believe. He was just built that way and made do. One thing I would not get to worried about is becoming too bulky. Muscle doesnt just appear out of nowhere and you have to work for a long time to build it. Just lift hard, if you want, and remember to stretch very good before and after you lift.

When i said that I think a person would be better off if they can run 10 miles over benching alot… I was refering to reping… If you can rep 300 you are not using explosive power at all, and are most likely just bulking up your slow twitch muscles… I was saying running, because running strengthens intermediate twitch muscles which you use when you are pushing off the mound… Those are the muscles you use when you are pitching a long game, or are starting to get tired… So what i said really wasnt backwards at all…

I dont believe that there is a perfectly right way to lift… everyone is different. But there are some exercises that you shouldnt do… Like cleans, leg extensions, and leg curls on the machines… These put too much stress on ur elbow and knees.

Okay, thanks guys.
I’ll keep lifting, anyway my goal is to get stronger, not to lift 300 lbs.