Weighted Vest for Mechanics?

My dad recently bought a weighted vest from a garage sale and I was thinking about using it for going through dry runs or the towel drill while wearing it. I believe that it may help me more on controlling my body as well as a good way to tell me if my balance or weight is really off. Does anyone think differently? (about how it can be a bad thing) or has anyone already tried this already?

–what I’m going to try is maybe 10 quality reps with it on and 20 quality reps with it off. I’m almost 21 yrs old and have been working out so its not really heavy.

I get your idea, but that just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I don’t think anybody has really ever done that. I think for good reason, too…

doesn’t ron wolforth do some kind of weighted vest work? i’m not sure if he uses it for mechanics work…maybe just plyo’s and such…he may use it for mechs though

I highly doubt anybody uses a weighted vest for pitching mechanics. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea functionally.

I do use a weight vest for certain lifts and plyometric drills, however.

It appears Wolforth does use weighted vests for throwing work. I got this picture from his site

I don’t know his rationale, nor can I vouch for it’s effectiveness, but he does it.

That looks ridiculous, lol. I’d be careful doing anything like that. Coach Wolforth is a very unorthodox and walks a very fine line between velocity/injury. He’s never convinced me that he looks at safety first, but rather velocity. Just be careful.

Wow that looks insane to be going uphill and also seems like it would cause the arm to drag. Neat idea without the vest though.

i’ve used a weighted vest before (don’t consider it a must for mechanics like the chair drill, but it does force you to stay balanced and control you body which i think is a good thing.

walforth gets results and his students who stay on his program stay healthy. i have his stuff, and though some of it is over the top, yit’s tough to argue with success.