weighted baseballs

I’m thinking of starting to use weighted baseballs to increase velocity and have been reading of people increasing velocity, is this velocity increase temporary or does it last throughout the season

From my experience it will last as long as you’re consistently playing catch and conditioning. I don’t think that you need to keep throwing the weighted balls to maintain the increase- just keep practicing baseball in general.

Not sure if this has been studied or not. I am thinking that the over/under training works because of the neural adaptations formed in the muscle. The heavier ball garners more force production and the lighter causes an increase in the speed with which the ball is thrown. It would be similar to having an athlete run with a parachute (more resistance), as well as running downhill or with assistance from a cable (less resistance and greater overall speed). That type of training should last longer than a purely physical strength gain (muscles get stronger from lifting, then atrophy from disuse). But like I said, have not seen any studies on this.

The safest bet would be to do a weighted ball program in the offseason, then schedule maintenance phases during the season to reinforce the over/under training. Nothing intense or physically taxing, but enough to establish the effect.

how often should i throw the over/under weighted baseball and do you throw like your pitching or just playing catch

I think also, as CADad has pointed out before, the benefit of weighted balls may just be helping intent to throw hard. Intent will carry through the season.

when playing catch with the over/under weighted baseballs should you throw with your windup like you are pitching or just playing catch or long toss?

You need to get a specific pitching program with weighted baseballs, don’t just use them for catch/long toss. There’s a specific way you need to use them in bullpens, working up to the heavier (7oz tops) baseballs. Somebody here might have a program for you, I know Coach Kreber has one, and there are others out there.

Where can I get more information on the weighted ball program? One of my former players used a program in college and swears by it. I’d also like to find out where I can buy the program and the balls.

They will only work effectively as long as you keep using them.