Weighted Baseballs

Hey whats up guys just went to academy and picked up some weighted baseballs 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 ounce balls because I heard they would increase velocity fast. I was just wondering what i should do with them, like just throw, or longtoss, so can anyone help me please.

The search function is an amazing function on this forum. Try it out and I think that you’ll get plenty of stuff to browse through. Just type in overload/underload and you’ll get the answer to your question pretty quick.

This may help, too.


Steven if you dont mind me asking, what benifits did you feel you obtained from working with weighted balls in the off season, I’ve heard mixed results

Coach Kreber has the results of various weighted ball studies posted on his blog at:


Use the search on his blog.

Glad you asked. I really felt like it helped give my pitching velocity a push. Weighted baseballs, like the plyometric medicine balls that’s in my TUFFCUFF manual, made throwing the regular baseball feel so light, I felt like I could throw the 5 oz ball 100 mph. (I only threw 93-94 mph.) But it was that feeling that I liked so much. The regular baseball just felt smaller and lighter.

Ultimately, I felt the workouts I did were what really allowed me to throw as hard as I did, but the weighted baseballs were a small component of that. Note: I only threw with weighted baseballs for 6 to 8 weeks during the off-season, and not a day more any other time of year. That’s because I was always cautious about the health of my arm and felt the weighted balls added too much stress on the arm.