weighted baseballs

any thoughts on weighted baseballs? good/bad ect. i’ve heard both good and bad wanna know what peoples thoughts are on this

i have a friend that took about a year break and was throwin 75 senior year in high school, and now hes playin for a college and is now throwing 85, he said they threw weighted balls about 13 per day

In my opinion, good only if you toss them, bad if you pitch with them, will cause arm strain. Also you have to cut down on your pitch count if using them.

They work extremely well for increasing velocity. People tend to diverge when talking about the injury risks (polarized pro and anti camps).

Weighted baseballs will amplify your flaws when you pitch with them. Whatever the problem is, it gets visibly more pronounced and that of course can lead to problems. That is why I would say that you need to have a person working along with you to watch your form. If you get any pain, stop throwing.

Common sense would prevent most of the weighted ball injuries.

My son has been using them under the direction of his pitching coach for a year, went from max of 63 mph in November 2005 to 75 mph in August, 2006. There are other things that contributed, like natural strength increases and the like, but I’m convinced the weighted ball routine works. And no injuries last year as an inning gobbling starter.

My concerns with the weighted balls is and always has been that without a very good coach to direct the sessions, bad habits can be developed, like dropping the elbow (trying to throw harder) and changing the release point (higher with the heavier balls, in order for the ball to reach the target). So far, the coach addressed these issues by not throwing to another person 45 or 60 feet away, but throwing at a wall/fence 10 feet away with the coach watching mechanics.

Good luck