Weighted Baseballs

Does anybody know where I can find a set of baseballs that are 4,5, and 6 ounces? Also what is a good program for them?

4,5, and 6 ounces?

You know that a regular baseball is just about 5 ounces right, so what would you want with a 4 ounce ball, I have a couple hundred 5 ounce balls in the garage, I can paint one for you…5 bucks, there you go. A 6 ounce ball, I’ll leave one out in the rain one night, paint it another color, 6 bucks for that one.

All kidding aside, I have seen them both on ebay and on my local craigs list, put a wanted as in craigslist in the sports section of craigs list, someone will have them for you.

In Steven Ellis’ Tuff Cuff Manual his program calls for use of 4,5, and 6 ounce baseballs.

Google “Decker Velocity Balls”

Sample program on my website:

Set that I bought:

You can find 4 and 6 oz balls individually on Amazon as well. That’s my recommendation.

I was assuming you were talking about the weighted baseballs that you find on ebay, good luck,