Weighted baseball


Does anyone have a weighted ball program to use for holds not throwing? What oz of baseball should be used?


If you want a good weighted ball (velocity) program… Driveline Baseball has a free PDF on there website however they do not Promote weighted ball Holds. If you want the science as to why they don’t do holds in their program they have the articles to back it up on the website as well. If you are adamant about doing holds then you should look up Tom House and his program. Don’t take my word for it… Make sure you do you research before you do anything with weighted baseballs and as I’m sure you already know weighted baseball programs are for off season training.


House’s program includes both off-season and in-season programs.


We’ve definitely used weighted balls a good bit. To me, overload balls help clean up arm action and make it more efficient, while underload balls help speed up the arm and help with your max velocity. We’ve used 2 lbs balls in drills a good bit, and they’re action less taxing on the arm, due to easier deceleration.


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