weighted balls

for those who want to increase their velocity i would recommend the the weighted ball program from www.baseballfit.com i order mine about 3 weeks ago and i have been doing it and i already gained about 3 mph. So it’s working great and my arm has gotten a lot stronger.

I dont know what to make of this weighted ball. Ive heard people say thgats its been scientifically proven that they dont work and ive seen people say they got great results…how old are you? because if you’re in a time of life where your body is growing i dont think the weighted ball can account for your increase in velocity.

i turn 16 tomorrow but i gain about 3 mph in 3 weeks so i have to give some credit to the weighted balls

Glad to see there working for ya Gary.

GottyJ: a moderator from the forum put together an weighted ball study with his High school players found http://baseballideas.blogspot.com/2005/08/do-weighted-balls-work.html

They’re results were very good, Gary has had exceptional results, and I have had exceptional results last winter as well.

Now what you want to attribute it to exactly I can’t say, but for me, if anything will help me pick up even 1 mph more than regular trainging is worth a shot.

I’ve thrown a weighted ball once or twice…the ball is heavy , dont you stand a chance of injuring your elbow?

the weighted ball i use is only 6,5,4 ounce balls so it’s not much heavier and i also dont pitch with them i throw with about 70 percent capacity

Not to shy anyone from using the weighted balls because i have heard good things but if anyone is worried about injuring their arm while using these balls try doing “towel drills”. Thats what i use rather than the weighted balls. Anyone interested can just ask.

should i wait till the offseason to do this or do it now inseason

Wait until the offseason…

The purpose of the towel drill is completely different than the purpose of using weighted balls. Weighted balls are used for strengthening the arm and, supposedly, to improve one’s velocity. The towel drill is done to work on mechanics and timing.

I would suggest long toss as an alternative to using weighted balls.