Weighted Balls

Anyone have any experience with weighted balls? I trained with some guys who used them and gained a few Mph. Anybody here have those kinds of results?

im sure some people will tell you that velocity comes from the body and not arm so a weighted ball wont do anything.

all i know about them is that after playing catch with a 12 oz. ball and then switching to a normal ball, it feels like youre throwing air. :wink:

If done correctly weighted balls will work wonders. You need to be throwing 4,5,6,7oz balls not any more than that.

I doubt that I actually used weighted balls correctly, but throwing weighted balls before pitching, and in between warming up naturally makes the ball feel SO much lighter. This isn’t a long-term solution and would probably only work if you’re relieving, but short-term velocity seems to be boosted a TON. The ball feels like a toothpick and you can really wing it with all your might.

What I ask is that because this doesn’t really strenghten you’re arm short-term, does it suggest that certain mechanics could give you the same results? I was throwing harder than ever. But, all I felt was that I could throw the ball harder, my arm wasn’t stronger and my mechs weren’t better.

Is there a way to replicate this without weighted balls?

BTW I only used weighted balls one season a long time ago without a structured program.

The principle behind the weighted balls is more neural than anything else (as far as I understand it). When you train with the heavier ball (7 or 8 oz), it requires more force to throw. When you throw the lighter ball, you can use more speed because there is less mass. If you do these exercises often enough, you get neural leftovers that tell your body to provide more force and more speed when throwing.

I’d imagine that de-training would occur quickly when you stop using the weighted balls, as the body will readjust based on the 5oz ball. The trick would be finding the minimum amount of weighted ball training to maintain gains without causing mechanical changes or overtraining.

Coach Kreber who designed a great program that documented kids performence with weighted balls showing a lot of MPH gains, in an e-mail with me said that the guys that shwoed velocity increases did keep the velocity and not lose it.

just because the ball feels lighter does not mean your throwing harder.

Well I was definetely throwing harder- and the ball felt lighter.

i dont mean to disagree with you but i seriously doubt that you throw harder after you throw with weighted balls. try to get yourself measured with a radar gun so you can know for sure.

I have a documented report by a high school coach using radar guns showing increase in speed while using weighted balls. I also believe that the increase was quite dramatic during the early stages of the tests.

bower, how do you know the increase in velocity came from weighted balls? maybe its because the kids were growing and increasing velocity just because they are getting older and maturing.

Well, i know enough about them to know that, NO, you don’t throw harder because the ball feels lighter. It is supposed to strengthen the arm, from shoulder to wrist. And in turn, increases velocity. I just wanted to know what you guys had experienced.

Participants gained an average of 4.25 mph over 9 weeks. The largest gains were 8 mph (two players). You don’t gain that quickly sheerly through growth or maturity.

It would be interesting to see Kreber’s program instituted across a larger sample size, and then thoroughly examined to see the relationship between weighted ball use and velocity increase (which you can find with statistics).

Here’s the study: http://www.stevenellis.com/steven_ellis_the_complete/files/2007_weighted_baseball_study.pdf

Actually in 2007 it was 8.13. But I believe that sample was taken from a school in an area where baseball wasn’t as popular and not played as much as the orignal one in Omaha. But this is like it is here in NY its hard to play in the winter so hopefully I will see some great gains. 8MPH is a lot.

And kreber isn’t selling anything and he really went into detail about the program. With each year changing and adding the 7oz ball in the end of the last trial. Then he did the whole plateu part which was pretty cool too.

Honstly I’ve heard nothing but good things about weighted balls, and this is coming from a couple other professionals that have used them in the off season. These are full gown men, and I’ve seen with my own two eyes on a radar gun, and watch adults velocity go up on average 3 mph. 3 mph at the age of 26 is an absolute ton. I don’t know the name of the program, but 5 balls are used, with the heaviest being a 32 oz. ball. They also used one underload ball which I believe is 3 oz. Personally I’m going to try the program and am going to chart my progress on my log. I honestly think that it’s a myth that weighted balls will cause injury, if anything they will help to prevent injury. Again, from my experieces these are grown men using these balls.