weighted balls

do they increase velocity? I’ve also heard that balls that weigh less than a regular baseball increase velocity. Are either of these theories true?

Id stay away from balls lighter than a baseball , personally saying i jacked up my shoulder messing around playing strike out with a nerfball.

The NPA recommends sticking with balls that are withing 20% of the weight of a regulation 5oz ball. That means 4oz and 6oz.

I believe that they work, but I have no empirical data to support that opinion. On the other hand, my son gained 11 mph in 6 months (56 mph to 67)using weighted balls and a pitching-specific workout regimen as a 13 yo. He also gained another 13 mph in the following year. Granted, he was growing taller and stronger at the same time. This year, he didn’t work with the same coach and gained (maybe) 2-5 mph just working pens, with no pitching-specific workouts or weighted ball training.

As to any theory being “true”, if it was proven either way it would be a fact, not a theory :lol: Apocryphal accounts like the above are interesting, but remember, your mileage may vary. It’s what makes sense to you. Personally, I was concerned that throwing a 9 oz. ball would create problems with his release point and change his arm action to compensate for the extra weight, but with the coach there to help him maintain his mechanics, it didn’t hurt him at all. The trouble occurs when the pitcher compensates, trying to throw strikes with the heavy ball, and changes his mechanics.

I am going to work with him myself this off season using the same workout program that his previous pitching coach was using in hopes of helping him gain more velocity and stamina to go deeper in the game throwing harder. Right now as a 15 yo he is cruising at 80mph and touching 83 on occasion and was gunned at 81 in the 6th inning of one game this year. His pitching coach is going to concentrate on off-speed stuff this winter, and my son wants to develop a cutter/sinker combo that he can set up with his 4-seamer.


That’s what I used (in college) and recommend, too. I just uploaded the WB throwing plan I used over in the TCP Articles section.

Nice I’ll have to check that out Mr. Ellis.

I have Coach Krebers workout saved on my computer. He had some great results and I e-mailed him and asked him about some of those kids who kept their velocity gained with the balls and he said they did keep velocity. Maybe I’ll combine it with Steve’s. Coach Kreber used 4,5,6 and at the end a little 7 in his 12 week workout plan.

Coach Kreber’s study is published in the Tom House/NPA book, Fastball Fitness.

Is his workout in it or just his study?

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]
That’s what I used (in college) and recommend, too. I just uploaded the WB throwing plan I used over in the TCP Articles section.[/quote]

Steve -

How would you fold that into the workouts you describe in tuff cuff. Right now I am just starting out with TC, but I would like to add this to my workout - maybe after fall ball ends. Any suggestions.

The WB’s are really an off-season-only workout.

So let’s say you start throwing three months before the season.

The first month, you’ll just want to throw and longtoss with a regular baseball, to get a good base.

The second month, add the WB routine twice a week (with a day or two in between throwing sessions, to let the arm recover).

The third month you’re probably starting to throw off a mound, so you’ll want to taper your WB throwing about halfway through the month down to just one day a week as you ramp up your mound work.

I’m starting Coach Krebers WB routine this fall. I was wondering if I do it 2 days a week like it says. Can I save a couple days for mound work? I don’t want to stop throwing from the mound. I just made one at my house, I can keep it watered and covered all year.

where can I find that weighted ball program?

Go to Coach Kreber’s website, www.baseballideas.blogspot.com and email him directly. He’s pretty good about getting back quickly.

I can e-mail it to you if you want unless you want to e-mail Coach Kreber. The only thing with the WB program is it doesn’t state how far away you throw the weighted balls. Anyone know?

70 feet.

I had a lesson with Bill Olsen and he wants me to get on weighted balls but i told him i was scared because of my elbow surgery. He said 10 throws at each interval i throw with 5 with weighted 5 with regular back to 120 feet. Is this dangerous?

Whats the weight?

6 oz. I told him i wouldnt go any higher its just way too scary for me.

Coach kreber was my high school JV baseball coach. Weird huh? 12-2. w00t

Thats sweet does he coach still now?