weighted balls

Good idea or bad idea? Many say that it causes immediate, and if used regularly, permanent velocity increases. Is this true? also, does it make injuries more likely?

Lots of differing opinions on them. Search this site for posts by “Coach Kreber” - he did an experiment with weighted balls and posted his results here.

Certainly can be misused making injury a possibility. Stick to the 4, 5, and 6 oz balls to play it safe. Decker, a company who makes weighted balls, recommends young kids avoid the 6oz ball. I’m not sure what their age cut-off is though.

What about drills with heavier balls-for example, Dr. John Bagonzi lists a few in The Act of Pitching that include, depending on age, up to 12oz. Also, another person, I believe Ron Wolforth, discusses drills of up to 4 lbs. What about those drills?


I also read the Act of Pitching by Bagonzi as my first pitching book.
I only bought an 11oz and 12 oz ball. However, I use them very responsibly…

My muscles are fully matured…so, I am not too concerned with throwing the balls around 15-20 times after warming up properly.

However, I am no expert with them…I have not went to far in training with weighted balls because my knowledge on them is not too extensive.

I am going to try to incorporate them over the off season with a bit of long toss…approx. 125-150ft max.

Anything more than that, I think you would be asking for problems.