weighted balls

im going to build a workout consisting of many things

weighted balls is one of them

here they have levels of ‘training balls’

anybody know anything about these?

Ok weighted balls play a trick with the mind ok. They make you think ok this ball is heavy i have to throw it harder then you switch to a reg baseball and you think its lighter then normal and you throw it as hard as you can. This is how its Done.

So instead of using weighted balls how bought you change your mental approach and think LET IT RIP HARD. Thats one way that helped me gain around 10 mph In one week.

i dont think that made any sense

It didn’t.

If you didn’t understand my last post for some reason because it was to much info at once I will re-word it.

A 6 oz weighted ball makes you think its heavy so you try to throw it harder to get it to your regular velocity. So when you start to throw a 5 oz baseball your mentallity changes and you start to think it’s a lighter baseball and you throw as hard as you can because it feels so light.

I got the same effect out of just saying to my self let it rip. And focusing on throwing harder. Now the weighted baseball effect will go away after a while so it has no benefit. Instead the best thing to do is focus on throwing harder.

Also I think the vecloity increase is because you think:

I’m going to throw this hard
It’s lighter Let it rip

So what happends is it tricks your mental approuch to throwing a baseball. Now if you just said I’m going to throw hard with a 5 oz baseball you would be the same effect of velcoity.

The reason weighted balls aren’t as good as switching your mental approuch:
Weight baseball intial vecloity goes away very soon after using them so the velocity you gain goes away before you reach the game because you uses a reg ball in bullpen before game.

Thats why changing your mental approuch and trying to throw harder and trusting your self will work better and you will be able to keep that velcoity.

How did I gain around 10 MPH in one week or about 60 pitches?
I did it bye changing my approuch and thinking I can throw hard and i’m going to.

90% of the game is mental 10% is physical

I understood RIstar’s statement just fine. It’s sort of like a placebo effect. It may work for some, it may not.

i understand it now…

just the way u worded it before made no sense wut-so-ever

my bad

There’s no question that this is a reason some people feel wb’s really work. And there’s definitely something to it. I think this is also a reason people feel they get a benefit out of throwing a softball or a football. When you go back to throwing a regular baseball, it just feels good!

Nice comments, too, Coach Baker. You’ve added a lot of great information in your many posts, and I’m glad you’re participating in the forums.

I knew what RIStar meant I just wanted him to clarify. It seemed like he was saying that if you purchase a weighted ball it isn’t really any heavier is what it came off as. The thing is they use the extra weight to fool your mind.

I suggest everyone who is interested in this topic search the forums for posts by Coach Kreber. He performed a trial using weighted balls and reported rather significant success.

I have that weighted ball workout actually I got it from him a while back